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Customizing the 'Thanks for Your Order' Page Text (Blueprint)


This requires editing the code of your store. See Getting Help for avenues of assistance.

These instructions apply to our free, legacy Blueprint Themes that have not been customized. As always, we recommend backing up your current theme customizations before making any changes.


Can I edit this file in Stencil? Yes, the Thanks for your Order page is accessible in Stencil template files. See Stencil developer documentation for more information.

Follow these steps to customize the text that displays on the page that your customers see after completing an order on your store.

1. Go to Storefront Design › My Themes, then click Edit HTML/CSS.

Edit HTML/CSS button

2. In the list of Other Template Files on the left, locate and click order.html.

Use Ctrl F or Command F to quickly locate template files in the list.

The order.html template file listing.

3. Use the references below to locate, then change the variable which controls the text you'd like to customize.

  • %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%% — "Thanks for your order"
  • %%GLOBAL_PhysicalOrderConfirmation%% — "We've received your order and will begin processing it right away. For your records, an email confirmation has been sent to {{email address}}. It contains details of the items you purchased and also a tracking number (if applicable)."
    • Only shown when physical products have been ordered
    • Note that the customer's email address is automatically displayed by this variable. If using custom text, you may want to include something such as "a confirmation email has been sent to your email address on file" in its place.
  • %%GLOBAL_DigitalOrderConfirmation%% — "We've received your order and you can download the items you purchased right away by clicking on the "Download the items you ordered" link below."
    • Only shown when downloadable products have been ordered
  • %%LNG_DownloadTheItemsYouOrdered%% — "Download the items you ordered"
    • Only shown when downloadable products have been ordered

4. Save your changes.


Replacing %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%% with Thank you for shopping at the Knowledge Shop will display the following when a customer checks out.

Example of customized order.html code.

Example result of customization.

Getting Help

Don't feel comfortable adjusting your design or want to work with an expert? Check out our BigCommerce Partner Directory or ask your question in the BigCommerce Community Design Group for assistance. Due to our Design Policy, our Techincal Support is unable to edit code or make design changes.

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