Customizing the Newsletter Subscription Message (Blueprint)

These instructions apply to our free, legacy Blueprint themes that have not been customized. The BigCommerce Support Team may not be able to assist with issues that occur after applying them to a previously customized theme. As always, we recommend backing up your current theme customizations before making any changes.

Don't feel comfortable adjusting your design or want to work with an expert? Check out our BigCommerce approved agencies or our Community.

This guide is only applicable if you have the Allow Newsletter Subscriptions feature enabled in the MarketingEmail Marketing area of your control panel.

After signing up for your newsletter, your customers are taken to the subscription confirmation page which includes text thanking them for signing up. Follow these instructions to customize that message.

1. Go to Storefront DesignThemes and click on Edit HTML/CSS.

Edit HTML/CSS button


Did you know? You can also access your theme's template files by going to Storefront Design › Design Option, clicking the More tab and selecting Template Files. This list gives you the ability to edit, compare against the template default, and revert files to their default.

2. In the list of Other Template Files on the left, select NewsletterContent.html.

The NewsletterContent.html theme file.

Use Ctrl F or Command F to quickly locate template files in the list.

3. Locate and replace the following variables with the text you would like to appear on the page instead.

  • %%GLOBAL_SubscriptionHeading%% — displays "Thanks for Subscribing!"
  • %%GLOBAL_SubscriptionMessage%% — displays "Thank you for joining our mailing list. You'll be sent the next issue of our newsletter shortly. Continue."

4. Save your changes.

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