Customizing the Invoice Email's 'Thanks for Your Order' Text

By default your customers' invoice emails have a "Thanks for your order!" message included along the top. If you do not change anything here, the invoice emails have a burnt orange message that reads "Thanks for your order".  Adding your own message can make it sound more personalized and match the branding of your store.  

For more ways to add branding and personalization to yoru emails, see Customizing Email Templates.

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Option, then click MoreEmails.

The More > Emails link.

2. Click ActionEdit to the right of invoice_email.html.

3. Delete %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%%.

The Thanks for your order variable.

4. Now, type in your custom message. You can change its format and colors it using the buttons at the top of the WYSIWYG Editor.
New Messaging

5. Save your changes.

To see what this email looks like, you'll have to make a test purchase from your store.

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