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Customizing Email Templates

The emails sent out from your store automatically, such as the invoice email or the order status update, can be customized to match your brand or turned off. For a full list of store-sent emails see Email Template Files and Snippets.

Note that only the emails' body content can be edited here. It is NOT possible to change the subject lines natively.

Toggle Email Template

It is possible to toggle whether an email is sent from the system by checking or unchecking the box in the Enable column.

Email Toggle

Disabling an email from here prevents it from being sent from BigCommerce, so 3rd party email solutions can replace them or if the email is not necessary for your business.


Why do some email templates not have a toggle? The ability to turn off certain emails only applies to transactional emails sent by the system to customer or the merchant. Some templates are for internal system emails only which can be customized but not disabled.

Editing Email Templates

Editing your store's email templates is a great way to add a personal touch and branding to the emails that are sent to your customers.

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Options, then click MoreEmails.

More tab with Emails selected

2. You will see a list of the email sent by the store. Edit any file by clicking Edit.

Edit Link

For a complete list of the email template files, snippets, and their uses, see Email Template Files and Snippets.

To edit snippets, which are smaller files used in the email templates, click the + button to the left of the snippets folder, then click Edit.

3. From this point, you can edit the templates either in the WYSIWYG Editor or by editing their HTML directly. To edit the HTML directly, click the Edit HTML Source button on the second row of icons on the WYSIWYG editor.


All of the email content is generated by variable and snippet codes. For example, the 'Thanks for Your Order' text in the invoice email is generated by the %%LNG_ThanksForYourOrder%% variable in the invoice_email.html file shown below.



What can I edit? It is safe to remove any of the LNG variables and replace them with your own text. See Adding Custom Text to the Invoice Email for more. It is not recommended that you remove any of the GLOBAL variables. Check our Developer Portal for a list of the Variables

Viewing Your Changes

At this time there is no native preview feature for email template customizations. In order to view the changes you have made to a template, you must complete the action that causes that particular email to send. For example, to view changes to the invoice_email.html template you must create a test order on your storefront and have the invoice email sent to yourself.

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