BigCommerce Analytics | Customers Report

The Customer Summary shows how many total customers have placed an order from a selected time frame, and what percentage was new versus returning.

Customer Summary

Top Line Statistics

  • Customers — unique customers in the selected time period
  • New Customers — unique customers that purchase for first time in the selected time period
  • % New — % of customers that have purchased for the first time
  • % Returning — % of repeat customers

Customer Report

This report displays a table of your customer details. Click on a column name to change how the list is sorted, or click on a customer to see their individual report. Customers who purchase as guestes will be grouped under a single "Anonymous" label.

Use the tools in the top-right corner to hide columns, reset the table, or download the table to a CSV file.

Customer Report

  • Email — the email address of the customer
  • Name — the name of the customer
  • Type — new or returning? Determined by whether the order placed within the selected date range was there first, second, etc.
  • Cohort — a group of clients based on their lifetime with the store. Calculated as the date range between the client's first and most recent order.
  • 1st Order Channel Attribution — the channel through which the customer found the store and made their first purchase
  • Last Order Number — the order number of the client's most recent order within the given range
  • Last Order Amount — the amount of the client's most recent order within the given range
  • Total Spent — the lifetime spend of the customer

Clicking on a customer’s email address or name will load an individual Customer Report. Here you can see the total amount the customer has spent at your store, their total number of orders, last purchase date, AOV (Average Order Value), and the price range of the products in their orders.

Customer Details

Additionally, there are statistics for the percentage of discounted orders or products that particular customer has ordered.

The customer’s full order history is available at the bottom of the report.

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