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Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to list additional product information that will appear on the product page, such as a book's ISBN, a DVD's release date, or a product's material. The location of these fields on the product page may differ depending on your theme.

Custom fields will appear automatically in the product's details if they are defined on the product. A product can have a maximum of 200 custom fields. While we provide below the steps for creating custom fields in the control panel, they can be created via CSV import or through the API as well.

An example of a custom fields on a product page


Adding a Custom Field

To add a custom field to a product, go to ProductsView, then click on the name of the product you want to edit or Add if you're creating a new product.

Common product identifiers such as UPC, GTN, and Bin Picking Number are already available in the Product identifiers section.

Product Identifier fields

If you need to add different fields, scroll down to the Custom Fields section and click + Add Custom Fields.

Custom Fields section of a product with the Add Custom Fields link highlighted

You'll be presented with a name and value field, each with a max character limit of 250. Use these fields to add extra details about your product.

Example of custom fields

To add another field, click + Add Custom Fields. To remove a field, click the - (minus sign) to the right of the field you want to remove. Save your changes when done.


Importing Custom Fields

If you want to apply custom fields to your products in bulk, you can do so by exporting, editing, and importing your products.

Enter your custom field information under the Product Custom Fields column using the following format. If you have multiple custom fields, separate them with a semicolon.

  • Format
    [Name of custom field]=[Name of value];[Name of custom field #2]=[Name of value #2]
  • Example

Custom fields formatted in a spreadsheet



How can I delete a custom field from multiple products?

The most efficient way to remove a custom field from multiple products is via a CSV export/import. Just search for the custom field you want to delete and do a Replace in your spreadsheet program, leaving the Replace with a field blank. This will remove the custom field without adding additional spaces. You can also delete custom fields via the API.

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