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Creating Conditional Options

What We'll Cover

You may want to set up your products in such a way that when one option is selected, a different option no longer appears. This can be desirable in circumstances when a certain product combination is not available or runs out of stock.

Example: You offer a T-shirt that comes in three colors and three sizes. However, one color is not available in size Large. Performing these steps will make it so that if a customer clicks on Green, the Large option will disappear. If they click on the Large option first, the green option will disappear.

You can configure your inventory settings to hide variations that are out of stock or unavailable

These steps will work with trackable options, listed below:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Swatch
  • Multiple choice
  • Product pick list
  • Checkbox


Make sure you have the following setup before continuing.

When an option is out of stock - Hide the option selected


Options and SKUs

1. Edit your product and go to the Options & SKUs tab.

2. Click on SKUs, and generate SKUs for all possible product combinations, including the combination you want to hide. If including a checkbox option, the SKU will need to be created manually.

3. Edit the stock levels for each combination. Leave the stock levels for the unavailable combination at 0. You can do this from the View Products page rather than editing each SKU individually.

Edit your SKU stock levels in from the View Products screen

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