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Connecting with PayPal powered by Braintree

PayPal powered by Braintree is a payment gateway that combines credit and debit card processing with In-Context Checkout, an interface that lets your customers pay with their PayPal account without ever leaving your storefront. Customers also have the option of enabling PayPal One Touch, giving them the ability to automatically checkout with their PayPal account every time they buy, without having to log in.

PayPal powered by Braintree features Smart Buttons functionality, so when PayPal is enabled, additional payment methods like Venmo will automatically appear to shoppers who have it set up on their mobile device so they can choose the payment solution best suited for them.

You can also offer shoppers the ability to pay using PayPal Credit, allowing you to get paid in full right away while letting your customers pay over time.

In addition to being optimized for both desktop and mobile shopping, PayPal powered by Braintree also offers advanced functionality like fraud protection, 3D Secure, and the ability to authorize payments before capture.

BigCommerce has teamed up with PayPal to offer special pre-negotiated rates for qualifying merchants.


Did you know? According to comScore’s 2018 study, sites that accepted PayPal had 47% higher conversion vs. those that didn’t. Analysis also showed PayPal conversion performed, on average, 60% higher than “other digital wallets” and 82% higher than “all payment types combined”.


Setting Up PayPal powered by Braintree

To set up PayPal powered by Braintree, visit one of the following two articles:


In-Context Checkout

In-Context Checkout helps eliminate friction at checkout by offering an easier way to pay. The following features help customers speed through checkout:

  • Streamlined flow — Customers pay through the PayPal pop-up which appears in the quick-cart modal or in the cart page. Since shipping and billing information is stored in PayPal, customers won't need to enter them.
  • Mobile friendly — The streamlined design reduces friction by removing hard to make out text and buttons.
  • Automatic login — Repeat customers won't need to log into PayPal each time they make a purchase.

PayPal In-Context Checkout


Common Questions

Pricing and Fees

What fees are associated with the gateway?

Paypal powered by Braintree’s standard pricing is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, but you may be eligible for special pre-negotiated rates through BigCommerce. For detailed information about pricing and fees, see PayPal's article on Pricing and Fees.

Can I get a better rate if I process a lot of orders or represent a charity?

The PayPal sales team will be happy to discuss your options with you. Contact them directly at 1-877-794-7640.


What currencies and countries do the payment gateway support?

This supports any of the countries supported by Braintree. Please note that the following countries can use credit card processing, but not Paypal OneTouch checkout: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Are there any restrictions for merchants?

Information on PayPal’s risk and underwriting process can be found at Risk and Underwriting.

Can I have more than one store associated with my Braintree account?

No, each store needs to be associated with its own Braintree account. 

Can I use multiple Braintree Merchant Account IDs with BigCommerce? 

No. Only the primary Merchant Account ID can be used in the Braintree account. If a customer needs to use multiple Merchant Account ID's, then they need to set up multiple Braintree accounts.


After I create an account, what is the waiting period before I can process transactions?

You can start processing right away! Braintree will provide you with a provisional merchant account to use until you complete your full application. You will be able to accept up to $2500 or 25 transactions from customers, but the funds will not be disbursed until your application is complete and the account is approved.

Merchants have 30 days to apply for their PayPal powered by Braintree account after the first transaction. If not completed by this deadline or if the application is declined, the funds will be returned to the consumers.

How long until a transaction's funds are transferred to my bank?

Funds should appear in your bank account 2-5 days after the transaction has settled. For more details on funding and settlement timelines, see PayPal's Settlement and Funding Timeline.

Will I or my customers receive an additional email or invoice from Braintree?

PayPal powered by Braintree allows you to send additional email notifications, but this functionality is disabled by default since BigCommerce sends an order confirmation email to customers automatically. This setting can be toggled in the Braintree control panel under SettingsEmail Receipts. For more details on BigCommerce email notifications, see Checkout Settings.

Does Braintree allow authorize-only/delayed capture transactions?

Yes. For more general information about managing authorizations, see PayPal's article, Managing Authorizations. For information on how to capture funds manually in the BigCommerce control panel, see Manually Capturing Transactions.

If authorize-only/delayed capture is allowed, are there fees for voiding a transaction?

No, fees are only applied to successful, settled transactions. See PayPal's Pricing and Fees article for more information.

How long can a charge stay authorized before it is automatically voided?

It depends on whether the client has paid using their credit card or their PayPal account, as well as which credit card they used. For a full breakdown of authorization expiration time frames, see PayPal's article on Managing Authorizations.

Can I view both my Braintree and PayPal orders in one place?

Yes, both your PayPal and Braintree orders will be visible in your Braintree virtual terminal.

How do orders processed through PayPal powered by Braintree appear on the Orders screen?

  • For credit/debit card orders, Payment Method appears as “Braintree”.
  • For PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Venmo orders, Payment Method appears as “Braintree (PayPal)”.


How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

As soon as the transaction has settled, usually within 24hrs, you can issue a refund. For instructions on how to issue a refund, see Processing Refunds.

Is there an amount of time after which I cannot perform a refund?

There is no time limit for credit card transactions. For PayPal transactions, PayPal requires refunds to be issued within 60 days, but this can be changed by contacting PayPal.

Are there any fees for refunds?

There is no additional fee to process refunds. For more information on the transaction fees that are returned to you when you issue a refund, see the Refund section of Braintree's Pricing and Fees page.

Are there any fees for chargebacks?

Yes. Regardless of the outcome of the dispute, you will be charged a $15 chargeback fee. For more information on disputes, see PayPal's article on Disputes.

Additional Features

Does PayPal powered by Braintree support 3D Secure?

Yes. See Enabling 3D Secure on PayPal powered by Braintree.

Are there any fraud protection options available?

Yes, you have the option to enable fraud protection settings. To learn how to configure fraud settings during setup, see Enabling Fraud Protection in Paypal powered by Braintree. For more information about these settings, see PayPal's article on Fraud Tools.

Does PayPal powered by Braintree offer recurring billing or subscriptions?

PayPal powered by Braintree cannot offer recurring billing or subscription services through BigCommerce at this time, although this is functionality we plan to add in the near future.

What are "Smart Buttons"?

When PayPal is enabled, the shopper is automatically shown additional payment methods that are best suited to them, based on the device they are using and the geographical region they are in, with no additional setup required on your part. For example, shoppers using a mobile device with Venmo setup will see the option to pay with Venmo, and shoppers in the US are shown the option for PayPal Credit.

Can I customize/style how the PayPal button looks?

Yes, you can control how the PayPal button appears using the Store Design theme editor.


Payment Buttons styling options in Store Design

Warning: The following styles are not compatible with “Vertical” layout and can cause the button to fail to render.

  • Button size: Small
  • Show PayPal tagline
  • Show funding icons

Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

Why did my customer receive an error when trying to pay?

Look up your error code in the list of PayPal Decline Codes to see why the error occurred. From there, you can contact BigCommerce support, who will direct you to the right place.

How are payment disputes handled?

You’ll need to manage disputes in both the Braintree virtual terminal and the PayPal console. For more information, see PayPal's article on Disputes.

How do I contact PayPal/Braintree's support as a BigCommerce client?

Talk to BigCommerce support first, and we’ll direct you to the right place.

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