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Connecting with PayPal

With a single, unified payments integration, you can customize your checkout experience to accept payments in over 100 currencies from 325 million active customers across 200 markets.

Offer more ways to pay with PayPal Checkout, our full-stack payments platform and optimize checkout conversion to help grow your business. Explore the latest benefits and features:

  • Card payments: All major credit and debit cards stored securely on your customers’ PayPal accounts are accepted for payment.
  • PayPal:
    • With One Touch™, customers can skip the PayPal login and quickly complete their purchase. Repeat customers stay logged in to PayPal, so they don't have to log in every time they buy. They can spend less time in the checkout process and thereby, drive higher order completion.
    • When enabled, PayPal Checkout displays a dedicated PayPal button on the cart and on the quick cart pages.
  • PayPal Credit*: A financing option that lets your customers pay over time, while you get paid in full, up front. PayPal Credit is available to your customers at checkout to help increase your average order value and drive higher checkout conversion.
  • Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA): PayPal intelligently presents your customers with the proper SEPA payment method, displayed as a payment button on the cart and on the quick cart pages, based on their location.
  • No monthly fees: Only domestic and international transaction fees apply.
  • Customers can pay without a PayPal account: Customers can pay via credit or debit card through Guest Checkout**.

Customer view highlighting the option to pay by debit or credit card

  • Risk management: PayPal helps you to manage risk, minimize claims and chargebacks, and help prevent fraud with help from our advanced risk management and Seller Protection on eligible purchases.
  • Store Cash (US only): Make online shopping more rewarding with Store Cash, which are automatic discounts you can offer to shoppers who use PayPal.

Did you know? According to comScore’s 2018 study, sites that accepted PayPal had 47% higher conversion vs. those that didn’t. The analysis also showed PayPal conversion performed, on average, 60% higher than “other digital wallets” and 82% higher than “all payment types combined”.

*Subject to consumer credit approval.

**Debit/Credit card payments are available as part of PayPal Checkout. Buyers would need to click on PayPal Checkout button on the cart or on the quick cart page and select "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" option or select PayPal Checkout payment option on the checkout page and click on "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" button.



  • Your store must be using Optimized One-Page Checkout.
  • Your store must be in a supported country. All countries supported by PayPal are supported by BigCommerce, except:
    • India
    • Israel

Setting up PayPal

1. Go to Store SetupPayments.

2. Click Online Payment Methods.

3. Scroll down and click Set up next to PayPal.

PayPal setup button in the control panel

4. You will be brought to a PayPal Settings tab. Click Connect with PayPal to set up or log into your existing PayPal account.

Connect with PayPal button


Existing PayPal accounts and Starting Order Number: If you are connecting an existing PayPal account that has past transactions, you will need to change your store's Starting Order Number. See Troubleshooting under Common Questions.

5. You will be asked to grant BigCommerce permission to connect to your PayPal account. Click Grant Permission to continue.

6. You will be redirected to your PayPal Settings tab in BigCommerce. Click Save to complete setup.

PayPal Sandbox

You will notice a PayPal Sandbox block and a Connect PayPal Sandbox button.

Connect PayPal Sandbox button

These can be used to connect your Sandbox PayPal business account, should you have one. The sandbox can be utilized as a testing environment without touching a live PayPal account. See, PayPal's PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide for more information.


Need to connect to a different account? Switching off PayPal will clear your account settings, allowing you to log in using a different email address.


Enabling PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit lets customers buy now and pay over time. This feature means that the shopper will owe the money to PayPal while you, the merchant, always get paid. To enable PayPal Credit as an option on the cart and checkout, go to Store SetupPayments.

This feature only works on Optimized One-Page Checkout. For PayPal Credit to show, make sure your checkout is set to Optimized One-Page Checkout.

1. Follow the steps above to enable PayPal.

2. Click the PayPal tab.

3. Check Enable PayPal Credit.

Enable PayPal Credit checkbox

The "Pay with PayPal Credit" smart payment button will now appear as an option on the cart, on the quick cart page ("add to cart" confirmation window) and "PayPal Credit" will now appear as a payment method during checkout.

PayPal and PayPal Credit button on the cart page

PayPal and PayPal Credit button on the "Quick Cart" page

PayPal and PayPal Credit options on the checkout page


Enabling SEPA

SEPA is automatically enabled and displayed as a payment button on the cart and on the quick cart page for your buyers, based on their location.

SEPA button on the cart page

SEPA button on the "Quick Cart" page


Common Questions

Pricing and Fees

What fees are associated with the gateway?

There are no monthly fees, just a low per-transaction fee. To find the fees for your market, visit and click Fees at the bottom of the page.

Account Eligibility

What currencies and countries does the payment gateway support?

You can review a list of supported currencies and countries on the following pages:

What items are restricted for merchants to sell?

You can review a list of restricted items on PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy.


After I create an account, what is the waiting period before I can process transactions?

Once you link your PayPal account to BigCommerce, you can begin transacting right away.

How long until the funds are transferred to my bank?

Funds are deposited immediately into your PayPal account. You can request a withdrawal to your bank at any time, using an Instant Transfer or Standard Transfer (1-3 business days).

Will I or my customers receive an additional email or invoice from the payment gateway?

Yes, both you and your customers will receive emails when transactions are received and for disputes/chargebacks.


How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

Once a payment is captured, there is no delay before you can issue a refund.

Are there any fees for chargebacks/refunds?

You can read about PayPal’s policies on chargebacks and refunds in the PayPal User Agreement.

Additional Features

Are there any fraud filtering options available?

You can review PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy for Merchants to understand how they help protect your online sales, minimize claims and chargebacks and help prevent merchant fraud.

Does it allow authorize-only payments?

Yes, authorize-only payments are supported.

Does it support multicurrency? (supported by BigCommerce multicurrency)


Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

Why did my shopper receive an error when trying to pay?

Please see this PayPal Help Center article for a list of possible reasons.

How are payment disputes handled?

Log in to your PayPal account and visit the Resolution Center / Centre.

How do I contact the Payment Gateway’s Support?

Visit and click the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

Why did my client receive an error Duplicate Invoice ID detected. To avoid a potential duplicate transaction your account setting requires that Invoice Id be unique for each transaction when trying to pay?

If you are starting a new BigCommerce store and are connecting an existing PayPal account that has past transactions, you will need to change your store's Starting Order Number. By default, the store's starting order number is "100". If you have an existing PayPal Invoice ID of "100", transactions will fail with an error message like "Duplicate Invoice ID detected. To avoid a potential duplicate transaction your account setting requires Invoice ID to be unique for each transaction." To avoid this, you' need to update your stores Starting Order Number to a number higher than any of your existing PayPal Invoice IDs.

Once resolved, the issue should not affect any customers thereafter. If one of your customers has received the above error (prior to you resolving it), they will need to clear their cart and start over before they can successfully check out.

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