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Connecting with BlueSnap Payments

BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform helps businesses increase sales and reduce costs by providing everything needed to process payments globally – a payment gateway solution, merchant account and advanced features including fraud protection and chargeback management all in one place.



To use BlueSnap your store must meet the following requirements:

Your store should be setup to use Optimized One-Page Checkout.


Setting up BlueSnap Payments

1. If you need a BlueSnap account, go to the BlueSnap website to get started.

2. Configure your BlueSnap account settings. Complete these steps in your BlueSnap Console for production or sandbox.

1. Set up your statement descriptor. The statement descriptor is the description that appears on the shopper's credit card statement or bank statement for each transaction and helps the shopper identify the transaction.

  • Go to SettingsGeneral Settings.
  • In the Branding Settings section, enter a Default Statement (Soft) Descriptor and Support Phone Number (both appear on the shopper's statement).
  • Click Submit.

2. Enable your data protection key.

  • Log in to your BlueSnap Console.
  • Go to Checkout PagePayment Methods in the left menu.
  • In the Data Protection Key field, enter a password of at least 6 characters, and then click Submit.

Data Protection Key field in BlueSnap

3. Enable the payment methods you would like to make available to your shoppers on checkout.

To enable or disable specific payment methods, such as PayPal, Masterpass, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay™, Alipay, local bank transfer, wire transfer, or other payment methods, go to Checkout PagePayment Methods in the left menu of the BlueSnap Merchant Console.

Then select Show or Hide next to the relevant payment methods.

For details about BlueSnap's supported payment methods by geography, refer to Supported payment methods.


Enable/Disable Specific Cards

All merchants have the option to specify which cards they would like to accept in their store.

1. Click Modify next to Card Payments.

2. Select which cards you want to enable or disable. The cards with a check mark (✓) are enabled. All cards are enabled by default.

Note: All other card options not in the list are automatically enabled (if supported by BlueSnap). See BlueSnap's Supported Credit Cards.

3. When you are done, click Submit.


Setting up BlueSnap Payments in BigCommerce

1. Copy the API Keys from your BlueSnap account to your BlueSnap Payments settings page in your BigCommerce store.

  • Log in to your BlueSnap Console.
  • Go to SettingsAPI SettingsAPI Credentials, and copy your credentials.


2. In your BigCommerce store, go to Store SetupPayments and select BlueSnap Payments from the list of Online Payment Methods.

BlueSnap Payments Set up button

3. Fill out the BlueSnap Payments settings and click Save.

BlueSnap settings in BigCommerce



  • Display Name — control how the payment gateway appears at checkout. We recommend something like Credit/Debit.
  • Merchant ID — Enter your Merchant ID received from BlueSnap during account creation/configuration.
  • Username — Enter your Username received from BlueSnap during account creation/configuration.
  • Password — Enter your Password received from BlueSnap during account creation/configuration.
  • Test Mode — Determines whether your store is Test Mode. Set to No when you are ready to take payments.

Common Questions

Pricing and Fees

What fees are associated with the gateway?

Standard pricing for Visa / Mastercard Consumer Debit transactions in the United States:
2.00% + $0.30

Standard pricing for Visa / Mastercard Consumer Credit transactions in the United States:
2.70% + $0.30

Standard pricing for online Visa / Mastercard Corporate, Discover & Diners transactions in the United States:
2.90% + $0.30

Standard pricing for online American Express and Non-US transactions in the United States:
3.70% + $0.30

For businesses unable to provide existing processor statements:
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners, JCB, American Express
2.90% + $0.30

  • No monthly fees (during first 12 months or if processing >$2500/mo)
  • No set-up fees, no cancellation fees
  • Cross-border and currency fees may apply
  • No additional fees for processing eWallets

In addition to the above:

Custom Pricing: Interchange plus and custom pricing plans available for businesses with high sales volumes and charitable organizations. To learn more, see BlueSnap’s pricing.

Account Eligibility

What currencies and countries does the payment gateway support?

What items are restricted for merchants to sell?

See Prohibited Items.


How long until the funds are transferred to my bank?

The default payout is Daily +2 business days. Depending on commercial terms, the Platform can support multiple payout methods.


Why don't I see a refund option in the BigCommerce control panel?

Refunds cannot be completed within the control panel and must be performed from within your BlueSnap account.

How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

Same-Day Refunds: For card and ACH transactions, if you issue a refund the same day as the initial transaction, the transaction is a void, rather than a refund.

Is there an amount of time after which I cannot perform a refund?

A refund can be performed within 30 days from the time the transaction was made. To learn more, visit BlueSnap’s Refund Policy.

Are there any fees for chargebacks/refunds?

Self Service

  • Chargeback: $15 / chargeback
  • Chargeback Disputes: $10 / dispute

Full-Service Dispute Management

  • Dispute Value $0 - $19.99: $5.00
  • Dispute Value $20.00 - $49.99: $8.00
  • Dispute Value $50.00 - $99.99: $12.00
  • Dispute Value $100+: 15%

To learn how chargebacks are handled, visit BlueSnap’s Chargeback Management.

Additional Features

Are there any fraud filtering options available?

Yes, fraud through Kount on BlueSnap can be configured within your BlueSnap account.

Does it allow authorize-only or recurring/subscription payments?

Authorizations: Only ‘Authorize & Capture’ is supported in the integration. All other payment actions must be done from within your BlueSnap account.

Recurring/Subscriptions: At this time, recurring and subscription payments are not supported through BigCommerce.

Does the integration support Stored Payment Methods (Card Vaulting)?

Yes, all stored credit cards are tokenized and stored with BlueSnap. See Enabling Stored Payment Methods for more information on this feature.

What payment methods are supported in the integration?

  • Credit/Debit cards: See list of supported card types.
  • Alipay
    • What is it?
      • Alipay is a digital wallet that securely stores a shopper's payment and shipping details. It supports major credit and debit card types, including: American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. You may want to offer Alipay in order to increase conversions across devices, including mobile devices. 
    • Supported shopper countries: China
    • Supported currencies: RMB
  • Giropay
    • What is it?
      • Giropay is widely available in Germany and allows shoppers to buy securely using direct online transfers from their bank account with immediate account verification.
    • Supported shopper countries: Germany
    • Supported currencies: EUR
    • What is it?
      • SOFORT is a popular payment method in select European countries. When the shopper selects SOFORT as a payment method, they are redirected to their online banking portal to complete the purchase. Account verification is immediate.
    • Supported shopper countries:
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Germany
      • Italy
      • Netherlands
      • Poland
      • Spain
      • Switzerland
      • United Kingdom
    • Supported currencies:
      • CHF
      • EUR
      • GBP
      • PLN
  • SEPA Direct Debit
    • What is it?
      • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit is a popular European banking payment method that simplifies cross-border shopping in Euro. It is an online payment method where money is electronically withdrawn from the shopper’s bank account and then deposited into the merchant’s own bank account. SEPA Direct Debit transactions are monitored by our built-in fraud prevention capabilities, just like credit card transactions.
    • Supported shopper countries
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Cyprus
      • Estonia
      • Finland
      • France
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Ireland
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Lithuania
      • Luxembourg
      • Malta
      • Monaco
      • Netherlands
      • Portugal
      • San Marino
      • Slovakia
      • Slovenia
      • Spain
    • Supported currencies
      • Euro (EUR)
  • Electronic Check/ACH
    • What is it?
      • ACH (Automated Clearing House), sometimes referred to as electronic check processing, e-Check, or ECP, is an alternative to credit card payments. It is an online payment method where money is electronically withdrawn from the shopper’s bank account and then deposited into the merchant’s own bank account.
    • Supported shopper countries
      • United States only
    • Supported currencies
      • USD only

Note: For the payment methods above to be made available to your shoppers, each of the payment methods must be enabled in your BlueSnap account. The appropriate payment method will display to the shopper on checkout based on the shopper’s IP address and transaction currency.

Does the integration include 3DS 2.0 and comply with the PSD2 regulation in Europe?

Yes. See 3-D Secure for more information.

Does the integration support multicurrency?


Can I define the look and feel of my BlueSnap-hosted payment page?

Yes. See BlueSnap's documentation on Setting up a Hosted Payment Page.

Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

How are payment disputes handled?

When BlueSnap is notified of a chargeback, a hold is placed on your merchant account for the transaction amount. You have the right to dispute chargebacks for transactions you believe to be valid using BlueSnap’s chargeback management services. If a chargeback dispute is decided in your favor, BlueSnap will return the transaction amount to your account. To learn more, visit Disputes.

How do I contact BlueSnap Support?

Support is available Monday - Thursday from 1:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST, and Friday from 2:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST. Simply Submit A Request through the support portal and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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