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Connecting with Beanstream (Bambora)

BeanStream (Bambora) is a supported payment gateway.


Existing Beanstream (Bambora) user? Beanstream (Bambora) now requires Hash Validation to be enabled for transactions. See their help article for Enabling Hash Validation, and follow the instructions here to copy and paste it into your BigCommerce control panel.


Connecting with Beanstream (Bambora)

1. Go to Store SetupPayments.

2. Click Online Payment Methods.

3. Scroll down and click Set up next to BeanStream.

4. Configure your settings.

Beanstream (Bambora) payment gateway settings

  • Display Name — This text will be used to describe this payment method at checkout if you have more than one payment gateway set up. Credit/Debit Card and Pay by Card are common display names.
  • Merchant Id — Your merchant ID is provided by Beanstream (Bambora) during the sign-up process.
  • Hash Key — You will need to set this up in your Bambora account settings, then copy and paste it here. See Enabling Hash Validation in Bambora’s Knowledge Base for instructions and more information. You must select SHA-1 as the Hash Algorithm. 
  • Require CVV — This option will require users to enter the CVV / CVV2 / CVD code for their credit card at checkout. Enable it for extra security on credit card transactions.
  • Accepted Cards — Select the card types you want to accept. Hold down the CTRL or COMMAND key and click each card to select/deselect it.

5. Save your changes.

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