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Connecting with Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to pay for physical goods and services such as groceries, clothing, tickets, and reservations, and customers can quickly and securely provide their payment, shipping, and contact information to check out.

The simplicity of Apple Pay attracts customers, and increases conversion rates and new user adoption. Learn more about Apple Pay. Orders paid with Apple Pay will display Apple Pay in the order details. 



If you are interested in setting up Apple Pay, please read through the store and shopper requirements. Once you have confirmed that you meet all of these requirements, you can follow the setup instructions below.

Store Requirements


Just so you know... Your payment gateway must be in live or production mode for Apple Pay to work. Apple Pay doesn't work with payment gateways that are in test mode.

Shopper Requirements

  • Shoppers must be using the Safari browser, running on a compatible iOS device that is running iOS 10 or newer. Compatible devices include:
    • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE or newer
    • Apple Watch with iPhone 5 or newer
    • iPad Air 2 or newer
    • iPad Pro or newer
    • iPad Mini 3 or newer
    • Mac 2012 or newer
  • To pay from a desktop computer, shoppers must:
    • be using Safari on a Mac (2012 or later) running MacOS Sierra or newer
    • be paired with an iPhone or Apple Watch compatible with Apple Pay
    • signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID
    • have Allow Payments on Mac enabled on their iPhone
  • Apple Pay is limited to shoppers from select countries.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Use the following steps to set up Apple Pay in your store.

1. Go to Store Setup › Payments.

2. Expand the Digital Wallets section.

Digital Wallets section

3. Click Set up. You will be brought to the Apple Pay configuration page. Ensure your store meets the requirement of the integration found in the "How to get started" section.

Apple Pay setup

4. Click Save to enable Apple Pay. You will then be asked to agree to Apple's Terms of Service. Once you have agreed, Apple Pay will be active in your store.

Terms of Service

Here are some examples of how the button can appear in various parts of your store.

Quick View Cart

Example of the Apple Pay button in a Quick View cart window

Cart Page

Example of the Apple Pay button in the cart page

Apple Pay Checkout Window

Example of the Apple Pay checkout window


Why is Apple Pay not on my checkout page? Apple Pay bypasses any built-in store checkout for the convenience of the shopper. If you are using a theme that has built-in support for Apple Pay, the Apple Pay button will appear automatically on the cart page. It will also appear in the quick-cart for stores that have sitewide HTTPS enabled. If you're using a theme that doesn't have built-in support, visit Styling the Apple Pay Button to implement it.


Styling the Apple Pay Button

By default, a black version of the Apple Pay button will display in your storefront. Optionally, you can change certain styling elements of the button. If you are interested in adjusting the button width, height, or background color, see Styling the Apple Pay Button.


Supported Payment/Merchant Service Providers (

To enable Apple Pay on your BigCommerce store, your payment services provider (PSP, sometimes called a merchant service provider or MSP) must support Apple Pay transactions. BigCommerce is unable to verify with your chosen payment gateway which PSP or MSP you use, and as such we will allow the Apple Pay button to be enabled regardless of support. If you are using an unsupported PSP/MSP, Apple Pay payments will fail with the error "Payment Not Complete" on your BigCommerce store.

Authorize.Net PSPs

Supported Apple Pay payment processors for Authorize.Net include:

  • First Data Nashville
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions
  • Global Payments
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions

The payment processor determines country compatibility. You can verify which payment processor your Authorize.Net account uses by logging into the Merchant Interface under AccountMerchant Profile. Your payment processor will be listed under the Payment Methods section.



Are there additional fees to use Apple Pay?

There are no additional fees for merchants or customers to use Apple Pay.

How do I accept Discover when using Apple Pay and PayPal powered by Braintree?

Discover is automatically enabled when using PayPal powered by Braintree. If you do not see Discover as an option during Apple Pay checkout, re-enable Apple Pay by turning it off and on. See Setting Up Apple Pay for more information.

Why are customers seeing an "invalid shipping" checkout error message whenever they use Apple Pay?

This is often caused by having required custom fields enabled on the checkout page, which Apple Pay bypasses by design. While Apple Pay is not compatible with custom fields on the checkout page that are required, optional fields may be used on the checkout.

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