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Connecting with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a trusted and familiar payment solution that allows customers to pay on a BigCommerce store with their Amazon credentials. It uses the shipping addresses and payment methods stored in customers' Amazon accounts to make checking out quick and easy. Amazon Pay can help improve your conversion rate and grow your customer relationships by reducing unnecessary friction at checkout.



  • You must have an Amazon Payments Merchant Account.
  • Your store must be using Optimized One Page Checkout.
  • Your storefront must have a privacy policy page, which will be specified during setup.
  • You must be based in one of the following countries and have the following currency configured as the store's default currency:
    • United States: USD
    • United Kingdom: GBP
    • Germany: EUR
    • France: EUR
    • Italy: EUR
    • Spain: EUR
    • Luxembourg: EUR
    • The Netherlands: EUR
    • Sweden: EUR
    • Portugal: EUR
    • Hungary: EUR
    • Denmark: EUR
    • Ireland: GBP

Setting up Amazon Pay (US)

1. Go to Store Setup › Payments, expand Online Payment Methods, then click the Set up button next to Amazon Pay.

2. You will be taken to the Amazon Pay Settings tab. Click Connect with Amazon Pay to begin the sign-up process.

Amazon Pay Setting highlighting the Connect with Amazon Pay button

3. You'll be asked to create a new Amazon seller account, or sign-in with an existing account.

4. After signing in, you will be taken to the Web settings page. Enter the URL of your privacy policy page in the Privacy policy field. The Business display name and Checkout domain are automatically populated for you. Click Next to proceed.

Amazon Web settings screen

5. On the final registration step, you will be asked to complete the Amazon Tax interview and to transfer your account's credentials to BigCommerce. Note that you will need to complete the Amazon Tax interview to transact with Amazon Pay.

Click Transfer credentials to BigCommerce to complete setup and return to the Amazon Pay Settings page in BigCommerce.

Amazon Transfer your credentials screen


Setting up Amazon Pay (EU)

1. Go to Store SetupPayments, and click Online Payment Methods. Select Amazon Pay from the list.

2. You'll be taken to the Amazon Pay Settings tab. Click Connect with Amazon Pay to begin the sign-up process.

Amazon Pay settings with the Connect with Amazon Pay button highlighted

3. The merchant registration process will start with an eligibility check. If you've met all the requirements, you'll see green checkmarks. Click Continue to resume the registration process.

Eligibility check screen with the Continue button highlighted

4. If you already have an Amazon Seller Central Account, click Sign in. Otherwise, fill out the form to create a new account.

5. Specify your Business name, Domain, and Privacy Policy page. Click Next when you're ready to continue.

Configure screen with the Business name, Domains, and Privacy policy fields highlighted along with the Next button

6. Click Agree and continue to permit BigCommerce to access your Amazon Pay account.

Associate screen with the Agree and continue button highlighted

7. Once your account has been associated, an MWS authorization token will be created. Click BigCommerce EU to complete the setup and return to your Amazon Pay Settings page in BigCommerce.

Last step in the Amazon Pay setup process


Amazon Pay Settings

Amazon Pay Settings can be reached by going to Store SetupPayments , and selecting the Amazon Pay Settings tab.

Amazon Pay settings tab

In addition to the authentication tokens, there are two settings that you can toggle.

  • Transaction TypeAuthorize and Capture or Authorize Only (see Manually Capturing Transactions for details)
  • Test Mode — determines whether your store is Test Mode. Set to No when you are ready to take payments.


When your customer is checking out, they'll be given the option to log into their Amazon accounts on the add-to-cart pop-up page, the cart page, and the checkout page.

Amazon checkout button

The customer will be directed to Amazon asking them to enter their Amazon username and password.

Shopper sign-in

At checkout, the customer's shipping and payment information will be made available in the Amazon's address and wallet widget respectively. Customers can select Add New if they need to use a different option.

Shipping Address
Amazon payment method


Did you know? The billing address section will be blank if your Amazon Payments account is not VAT-enabled. This may have an effect on your tax calculations if you're manually calculating tax based on the Billing address or may keep your automatic tax provider from submitting a record of a tax document.


Styling the Button

Stencil Themes

No extra action is required for the buttons to appear. However, you will need to use the Stencil CLI to adjust the styling.

Blueprint Themes

The following store-wide global variables need to be present in the appropriate template files for the Amazon Pay buttons to show up in the right places.

  • Check Panels/HTMLHead.html for %%GLOBAL_AdditionalScriptTags%%
  • Look for %%GLOBAL_AdditionalCheckoutButtons%% in the following template files:
    • Panels/CartContent.html
    • Panels/CartHeader.html
    • Panels/SideCartContents.html
    • Snippets/FastCartThickBoxContent.html

%%GLOBAL_AdditionalCheckoutButtons%% controls where the button shows up. If it's missing in any of the above files, paste it into the appropriate file. You can then adjust the styling by editing the styles.css template file.


Common Questions

Pricing and Fees

What fees are associated with Amazon Pay?

  • For detailed information about pricing and fees, see Amazon's article on Amazon Pay Fees.

Account Eligibility

What countries and currencies does Amazon Pay support?

  • United States: USD
  • United Kingdom: GBP
  • Germany: EUR
  • France: EUR
  • Italy: EUR
  • Spain: EUR
  • Luxembourg: EUR
  • The Netherlands: EUR
  • Sweden: EUR
  • Portugal: EUR
  • Hungary: EUR
  • Denmark: EUR
  • Ireland: GBP

What do I need to be eligible to register for Amazon Pay?

Are there any restrictions for merchants?


Does Amazon Pay allow authorize-only payments?

How much of a window will I have to capture a transaction when set to Authorize Only?

  • Merchants will have a 30 day window to capture a transaction. After 30 days, you can attempt to collect funds via Seller Central.

Where can I find information about payments that are processed by Amazon Pay?

After I create an account, what is the waiting period before I can process transactions?

  • There will be a 20 minute waiting period for new accounts. If you already have an Amazon Seller Account, make sure the TIN or EIN has been set up. If not, log into your Amazon Seller Account to complete your tax information.

How long until a transaction's funds are transferred to my bank?

  • Once captured, the transaction will typically settle the same day. However, this may vary depending on the timing of the fund being settled to your account and what reserve tier you are in. See Amazon Pay reserve policy to learn more.

Will I or my customers receive an additional email or invoice from Amazon Pay?

  • You will be sent an email when the transaction has been settled. Shoppers will be sent an email when an order has been confirmed.

Can I edit the amount of an order?

  • Yes. You can add another authorization up to 15% of the order total or $75, whichever is lower. This should only be used when adjusting for shipment estimates.

    Should the customer want to change their order, we recommend cancelling and refunding the erroneous order, and having the customer create a new order.

Does Amazon Pay support multiple shipping addresses?

  • No, today, multiple shipping addresses are not supported by Amazon Pay. To accomplish this please place separate orders.

Does Amazon Pay support gift cards?

  • No. Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and Amazon Store Cards are the only valid payment options in the US. Gift certificates and coupon codes, if enabled, can be used through the cart or checkout page.


How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

  • A refund request can be done immediately after a capture completes successfully. The order status will update once Amazon Pay has confirmed the request, which can take 1-2 hours.

Is there an amount of time after which I cannot perform a refund?

  • No time restrictions are imposed by Amazon. However, the likelihood of the payment processor declining the refund increases with time.

Are there any fees for chargebacks/refunds?

  • There are no fees for refunds. See Amazon's Chargeback FAQ to learn more about handling chargebacks.

Additional Features

Are there any fraud protection options available?

  • No specific fraud protection options are available. However, Amazon covers for fraud so long as physical goods are shipped to the shipping address selected during the checkout process.

What are the fraud benefits of Amazon Pay?

  • Buyers are protected by Amazon's A to Z Guarantee for physical goods:
    • Buyer Protection: US, EU
    • Merchant information: US, EU

Can I add my logo to the Amazon login screen?

  • Yes. Log into your Amazon Pay account and select Login with Amazon from the navigation bar. Then, go to SettingsEditChoose FileSave.

Does Amazon provide customer information to the merchant?

  • After the customer logs in to Amazon Pay, the merchant is provided with the customer name and email address. The merchant is also provided with the customer shipping address and billing address (if Amazon Payments account is VAT-enabled) during checkout.

How can a merchant get the customer billing address?

  • In EU, billing address is provided by default. In the US, billing address is not provided. If needed, US merchants can go through the Amazon Pay whitelisting process in order to add the billing address. Contact Amazon Pay Merchant Support for futher information.

Can my merchant capture from Seller Central?

  • We recommend merchants capture in BigCommerce to keep order records up to date in the BigCommerce control panel. However, it is possible to capture in Seller Central via the Collect Payment function within the Orders tab Manage Transactions.

Where can I find Amazon Pay reports?

  • Amazon Pay is included in BigCommerce reports similar to other payment methods. Additional reports (such as order reconciliation and settlement data) are available in SellerCentral by logging into the your SellerCentral account and selecting Reports in the navigation bar. See, Amazon's Using Seller Central for more information.

Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

Why did my customer receive an error when trying to pay?

How are payment disputes handled?

How do I contact Amazon Pay Support?

Does the customer see the consent screen every time they want to checkout with Amazon Pay?

  • No, the customer only sees that screen the first time they pay with Amazon and will not be prompted again for that same application unless they revoke consent via

Google Analytics: Does Amazon show as a referrer on checkout pages when a customer selects Amazon Pay?

  • Yes. If you do not want Amazon (third-party payment processor) to show as a referrer on checkout pages, add Amazon as a referral exclusion. See, Google's Referral exclusions support article for more information.

Does Amazon Pay make it clear that a customer is not actually completing the purchase immediately following the login screen?

  • When a customer selects Amazon Pay they are greeted with a screen that specifically states: Sign in with your Amazon Account and Speed thru checkout: Access your shipping and payment information from your Amazon Payments account. We do not set the expectation that signing in will complete your purchase or be a one click checkout process.

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