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Connecting to WebDAV with BitKinex

BitKinex is a WebDAV client. It is used to Connect to WebDAV and adjust content in your store. In our performance tests, it has the highest uploading speed of any WebDAV clients. To use it, follow the steps below.

Download and install BitKinex. We recommend using a direct connection.

BitKinex is only compatible with Microsoft Windows


BitKinex not connecting? If you have a private SSL with TLS1.0/Triple-DES disabled, BitKinex is unable to connect to the store. Use CyberDuck or an alternative webDAV client.

Connecting with the Connection File (Recommended)

1. In your control panel, go to Server Settings › File Access (WebDAV).

2. Click Download next to the Bitkinex Connection File. The file will be saved on your computer with the name of your store's secure URL.

3. Open the BitKinex Client.

4. Go to FileImport and select Bitkinex Data Sources (*.ds).

5. Browse to and select the DS file you downloaded in Step 1. You can close the window after it's been imported.

6. Double-click your file (the name should be the same as your store's name) under Http/WebDAV. You may need to click the + order to see your file.

Double-click your store's name

7. Enter the password provided in your control panel under Server Settings › File Access (WebDAV). You can use the Copy to Clipboard function and then paste the password into Bitkinex. We recommend selecting Store your password.

8. Once you've connected successfully, you will be able to log in in the future by double-clicking your store's name from the Bitkinex window.

Connecting with Bitkinex Manually

1. Download and install BitKinex. We recommend using a direct connection; you do not need to enter a data source on this step.

2. Open BitKinex then right-click Http/WebDAV, then select NewHttp/WebDAV.


3. Enter a name for the connection. We recommend the name of your store.

4. A window will pop up. Fill in the following settings, then click OK.

Server settings


What's the Secure URL? Your store's secure URL will be your domain (if you are using your own SSL) or the URL you see when logged into your control panel (if you are using the free BigCommerce SSL).

5. Double-click on your new connection to log in. A new window will open. Right-click on the / folder under your store name and select Change Directory. Enter dav in the text box and click OK.

Change directory

You will now be able to double-click your connection name to open your store's folders.

Once connected, click on your store name, then go to Data SourceProperties. Select Connections from the menu on the left. Here you can set the Total number of connections used by this data source. We recommend keeping this at 5-10 for larger files to optimize loading. For many small files, you can use as many as 15-20.


Refer to Connecting to WebDAV to learn more about what you can do now that you are connected. 

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