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Connecting the NetSuite App

The Netsuite ERP Connector app, powered by Patchworks, allows you to integrate NetSuite directly with your BigCommerce store. NetSuite is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that can help you manage orders, products, and even storefronts within a single platform. The integration includes two hours of merchant onboarding support provided by Patchworks.



The Netsuite ERP Connector app automatically syncs product, customer, and order information between BigCommerce and NetSuite. Netsuite supports multiple warehouse locations and multi-BigCommerce Enterprise storefronts.

Product Inventory Syncing

  • Automatically transfers product information, pricing, and SKUs from Netsuite to BigCommerce.
  • Supports tiered pricing, multi-BigCommerce Enterprise storefronts and multi-currency.
  • Manages matrix items, variant options and metafields on product or variant.

Live Sales, Orders, and Customer Accounts

  • Transfer all sales orders and customer accounts from BigCommerce Enterprise to NetSuite.
  • Identify returning customers.
  • Manage customer accounts by individual consumer and/or business customer.
  • Supports multiple payment methods.
  • Supports trade account pricing.
  • Unified Stock Level.

Connecting the NetSuite App

Follow these steps to install the NetSuite ERP Connector by Patchworks app in your BigCommerce store.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace and search for Netsuite by using the search field in the upper right corner.

2. Click on the tile for  NetSuite ERP Connector by Patchworks.

Netsuite ERP Connector app

3. Click the Install button to install the app.

Netsuite app install button

4. You will be asked to confirm that you want to grant the Netsuite ERP Connector app permission to integrate with your store. Click Confirm to continue.

Netsuite app confirm button

The app installation will begin. You will be brought to Patchworks and asked to enter your information to register for the Patchworks integration. Once you have registered, a representative from Patchworks will reach out to you to begin the onboarding process.


Getting Help

The Patchworks team will contact you for onboarding and be available for any questions you have on how the integration works.

Once onboard, please feel free to contact the BigCommerce Support team if anything is not working correctly. We can make sure everything is set up correctly on our end, and if not, we will work with Patchworks to solve any issues.

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