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Connecting Square Payments V2

Square V2 is an updated version of our Square Payment Gateway that works both our Optimized One-Page Checkout and Legacy Checkout experiences. It has new features such as processing refunds within BigCommerce, capturing funds manually and selecting a store location from your Square merchant account.



To use Square V2 the following requirements must be met:

  • Supported countries/currencies are:
    • Australia (AUD)
    • Canada (CAD)
    • United Kingdom (GBP)
    • United States (USD)


The new Square Payments has a few features that are not in the previous version of Square Payments.

  • Store Locations — ability to select a store location saved in the Square merchant profile
  • Process Refunds — refunds can be issued from the BigCommerce Control Panel
  • Visibility Toggle — easily hide the payment method in checkout without disconnecting
  • Authorize Only — set to only authorize cards and capture funds manually

Setting up Square Payments V2

Before setting up Square payments V2, make sure your store meets the requirements.

Go to Store Setup › Payments. Click Get Started on Square payments from the Recommended payment provider banner. If you don't see a banner, locat Square in the list of Online Payment Gateways and click Set Up.

Recommended Payment Gateway

Click Connect Square Account then enter your account details or sign up for an account.

Connect to Square

Once connected, adjust the settings and click save.

Toggle Visibilty Setting


One-Click Upgrade from Square Payments V1 to Square Payments V2

Merchants on Square Payments V1 can use the One-Click Upgrade tool inside the Payments control Panel to Upgrade their Square Payments V1 provider to the latest version.

  1. Log into the control panel and navigate to the Square V1 settings tab
  2. Click on the Upgrade Square link to start the process
  3. Authenticate with Square to access the new payment provider
  4. After authenticating with Square, merchants will be redirected back to the Square settings tab to complete the setup of Square V2

You can still process refunds from Square V1. Using the One-Click Upgrade tool will still let you process refunds for transactions that were processed using the Square Payments V1 provider.

Update Tool



How do I upgrade to Optimized One-Page Checkout when I have an existing Square Payment Provider?

  • Use the One-Click Upgrade tool in the Square V1 settings tab to upgrade their Square provider to the latest version
  • Switch your Checkout Settings to Optimized One-Page Checkout.

How can I tell which version of Square Payments I am using?

  • Go to Payments and select the Square Settings tab. If there's an option to enable or disable visibility, such as in the screenshot above, you're using Square V2.

How do I transfer my Square products to BigCommerce? What about syncing inventory?

  • You can automatically sync your products and stock levels between Square and BigCommerce with our built-in Square POS integration. Syncing Your Products with Square.

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