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Newsletter and Email Marketing Settings

Email Marketing is a great way to keep in touch and build relationships with shoppers who frequent your store. Email marketing is a common, convenient way to advertise sales, promote your business, and run marketing campaigns designed to focus on shoppers of a certain product or category of products.

BigCommerce comes with a built-in newsletter sign-up box and easily integrates with many email marketing apps, making it easy to promote your business.


Newsletter Settings

Newsletter Settings, found under Marketing › Email Marketing, controls the process for when a customer signs up for the newsletter at checkout or the newsletter sign-up box (usually located in the store's footer).

Newsletter Settings

  • Allow Newsletter Subscriptions? — This determines if you want to allow customers to subscribe to your store's newsletter. If unchecked, the newsletter sign-up box will not be displayed.
  • Tick Newsletter Checkbox? — This determines whether the "Do you wish to subscribe to our newsletter?" box is checked by default. Customers will need to uncheck it if they do not want to receive the newsletter.
  • Show Newsletter Summary? — This will allow you to provide upfront details about the newsletter, such as how often it is released and general content. 

Note: If your online store is based in the European Union or your store targets shoppers in the EU, enabling the Tick Newsletter Checkbox setting places your business at risk of non-compliance with privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Exporting the Newsletter List

All customer data is stored in a CSV file which can be exported and then imported into your preferred email marketing platform. To access the CSV file, go to Marketing › Email Marketing and click the Export tab. Then click the Download to CSV file link to download your newsletter subscriber list.

Export Only Tab

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