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Using Classic Analytics

The Classic Analytics section of BigCommerce gives you a wide range of analytic reports regarding your store's performance. This allows you to gather information on your store as a whole as well as specific details on your products, customers, and orders. This information is collected in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you're not based in EU or sell to European shoppers, we recommend using our more advanced Ecommerce Analytics, which provides you with more in-depth information in real time. In addition, BigCommerce is compatible with several analytics apps. If you're looking for additional insights on visitor and transactional data, Google Analytics and Lucky Orange may be good options for you.

Time Frames

Several reports allow you to generate the data based on a specific time-frame using preset date ranges:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 24 Hours
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • All Time
  • Custom

Select Custom to enter your own date range.


Store Overview

Store Snapshot

This is a general statistic report that will show you the number of orders completed within the date range chosen. It will provide the following data:

  • Total Revenue — The total amount spent at your store in the given timeframe, including tax and shipping.
  • Unique Visitors — The number of unique (i.e. "new") visitors to your store in the given timeframe.
  • Completed Orders — The number of orders completed in the given timeframe.
  • Conversion Rate — The percentage of unique visitors that ended in an order in the given timeframe (calculated as Completed Orders/Unique Visitors)

Note that partially refunded orders will not display in these sections.

Top 20 Customers

Details of your top 20 customers (as measured orders per customer) for the selected date range.

Best Selling Products

Your 20 top best selling products (along with total revenue per product) for the selected date range.

Order Locations

This is a map populated with locations from which your orders have been placed. This function requires you to enter a Key for browser apps (instructions here). Guest orders will not be shown on the map.



The Orders Analytics page contains the following reports:

  • Orders Overview — A summary of all orders for a selected date range.
  • Orders by Items Sold — A summary of all items sold for the selected date range. Items are arranged by total number or orders.
  • Orders by Revenue — A summary of all orders broken down by revenue per order for the selected date range. Each price range has a one dollar discrepancy at the top of the range. At times you may find that orders are missing from this page if the total falls in that range.
  • Sales Tax Report — A summary of tax collected for a selected date range. As highlighted in the image below, we also provide the ability to export this report if required.
  • Incomplete Orders — A summary of all the incomplete orders for a selected date range.

Abandoned Cart

For store owners with the Abandoned Cart Saver feature enabled, you will see the number of Abandoned Carts, the number of Abandoned Carts that have been converted, and the total value of the sales that has been saved by the Abandoned Cart Saver.



The Products Analytics page contains the following reports:

  • Products Overview — A summary of all products focusing on total number of units sold for a selected date range.
  • Popular Products — A summary of all products focusing on how many times each product has been viewed and their average customer rating (where applicable).
  • Inventory Report — A summary of inventory levels for all products in your store.


The Customer Analytics page contains the following reports:

  • Customers by Date — A summary of all customers who registered within a selected date range. A customer's ID, name, email, signup date, number of orders, and amount spent will all be listed.
  • Revenue per Customer — A summary of the revenue per customer for a selected date range. Customers are arranged by the total amount they've spent.

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