Claiming Your Website in Google Merchant Center

In order to claim your website in Google Merchant Center you must first verify your site in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). Note that the email address used to log in to each account must be the same. For more information on verifying your site, see Verifying Your Site with Google.

1. Sign into your Merchant Center account and go to SettingsGeneral.

Settings > General in Google Merchant Center

2. Click Edit Settings.

Edit settings button in Google Merchant Center

3. Complete the What's the name of your store? and What's your website? fields in the About your business section at the top of the page.

4. Click Claim your website in Website Verification, then Claim Website.

"Claim your website in Website Verification" highlighted in Google Merchant Center General Settings

5. Save your changes.

The Save button.

Once completed, your website should be marked both Verified and Claimed.

"Verified" and "Claimed" highlighted in Google Merchant Center General Settings

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