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Changing Your Domain to a Subdomain

Use the following instructions to change your store's domain to a subdomain (i.e. Common situations where you may need to do this include:

  • your custom domain has expired, and you need a temporary solution while you attempt to renew it or get a new domain.
  • you changed your original domain to a custom domain before you were ready to point your domain.
  • you want to change the original domain assigned to your store to another domain.

The process for changing your domain name settings differs depending on which billing and accounting system your store is using. Determine which billing system your store is using and choose the corresponding set of instructions below.

1. Go to Server SettingsDomain Name.

2. Click Manage to the right of the store you’d like to update.

Manage button

3. Click Remove Domain.

Remove Domain button

Your store’s domain will immediately change to <storename> For example, if your store’s name is My Awesome Shop, your new domain will be

If the domain you removed was purchased through BigCommerce, it will be stored in your account and available to be applied to another store until it expires or you release it.

1. Go to Server SettingsDomain Name.

2. Select Use an existing domain name.

The use an existing domain link.

3. Enter [your-custom-domain].mybigcommerce in the first field under Enter your existing domain name (replacing [your-custom-domain] with the address you'd like to use), and com in the second field.

Example domain entry.

4. Click Use Domain. A confirmation page with instructions on pointing your domain will display — you can ignore this message as domains are automatically pointed to your store for you. Your domain change should be complete within a few minutes.

5. Refresh your control panel, then click the View Store icon in the upper right side of the screen to verify that the new domain you entered displays in the address bar.

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