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Changing From One Custom Domain to Another

Already using a custom domain for your BigCommerce store and thinking of switching to a new one? Here are some tips to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

SEO Impact

Before deciding to change domains, it is important to know that in almost every case this will have a negative impact on your SEO. Some of the steps and tools listed below can help you minimize this impact, however, be sure to check the resources for additional non-BigCommerce specific information.

SSL Certificate

If you have an SSL certificate installed for your current domain, you will need to be sure to switch to the BigCommerce shared SSL before changing your store's domain.

1. Go to Server SettingsSSL Certificates, then select I’d like to use the BigCommerce shared SSL Certificate.

If you have a dedicated SSL, you need to apply the BigCommerce shared SSL before changing your domain name

2. Click Save, and allow ~15 minutes for the SSL change to complete.

If you have purchased an SSL for your new domain, install it using the instructions found in the articles listed below after you have changed your store to its new domain.

Old Domain

Once you have changed your store to its new domain, it will no longer be accessible on the old domain. When search engines attempt to crawl the old domain, they will receive 404 errors. In order to minimize any negative SEO impact this may have, you will want to reset the old domain’s DNS back to the registrar's default settings, then redirect the old domain to your new one.

1. Reach out to the registrar you purchased the old domain from, and explain that you would like its DNS reset to their defaults.

2. Request that they setup a 301 redirect from the old domain to your new domain.

Old Email

Updating the DNS for your old domain to the registrar's defaults will cause all email traffic for that domain to point to the registrar. Although not required, consider asking your registrar to setup email forwarders for any of your old domain’s email accounts to their counterparts on the new domain.

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