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Blocking IP Addresses

BigCommerce is not able to block individual IP addresses from accessing a store for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • Because we are a shared hosting platform, blocking an IP address for "a single store" actually blocks it from all BigCommerce stores.
  • We have no way of guaranteeing that the IP address will not be used by a legitimate shopper or merchant in the future.

We strongly advise against using a reverse proxy. Using a reverse proxy removes your store from BigCommerce's DDoS protection.

Alternatives to Blocking IP Addresses

Issue: I'm getting fraudulent orders so I want to block the IPs of proxy servers.

  • Recommendation: Consider using a fraud prevention app like Signifyd.
    Investigate any fraud filters that might be available via your payment gateway.

Issue: Google Analytics is reporting traffic that appears to be from a bot / not legitimate.

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