BigCommerce Analytics | Abandoned Cart Recovery Report

For store owners with the Abandoned Cart Saver feature enabled, the Abandoned Cart Recovery report will show you the details of successful recoveries. You will see the number of Abandoned Carts, the number of Abandoned Carts that have been converted, and the total value of the sales that has been saved by the Abandoned Cart Saver.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Graph

Abandoned cart recovery graph

The Recovery graph shows you a visual representation of the number of abandoned carts (in orange) versus the number of abandoned carts that were recovered with the Abandoned Cart Saver.  (On average, the Abandoned Cart Saver can recover 15% of lost orders.)

Summary of Abandoned Carts and Revenue

Beneath the graph, you'll see a report of the number of abandoned carts and how much lost revenue they represented. Beside that is a summary of the number of recovered carts (with a percentage), and how much of that lost revenue you were able to regain.

Abandoned Cart Recovery summary

Recovered Orders

Details of the recovered orders are listed, including the customer and the total amount recovered. To view the entire order, click ActionView Order.

Note: At this time there is not a way to view unrecovered abandoned order details.

View Recovered Order


Want to learn more? For advice on how you can use the data from the Abandoned Cart Saver report to increase your revenue, check out our Guide to the Abandoned Cart Saver.

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