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An SSL certificate is a certificate issued by a trusted third party. It verifies that a secure webpage (such as a checkout page) is properly encrypted, ensuring that all information passed between a user and the internet browser is private. Having an encrypted store helps boost your conversion rate by increasing consumer confidence.

In addition to the shared SSL certificate used by all BigCommerce stores, BigCommerce also offers dedicated SSL certificates verified by GeoTrust. Having a dedicated SSL will keep your store's address the same even when accessing secure pages, such as checkout. Use the guide below to learn about the different features we offer with dedicated SSL certificates. Once you're ready to purchase an SSL, you can use the steps in Installing a BigCommerce SSL Certificate to help you through the process.

The following types of SSL are available through BigCommerce:

  • Standard - GeoTrust QuickSSL®
  • Deluxe - GeoTrust QuickSSL® Premium
  • Premium - GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

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Description of SSL Features

Validation Type — The extent of domain validation required before an SSL certificate can be issued to you.

Domain — Domain ownership is verified by sending an authorization request to an email address in your domain name. Certificates are issued more quickly, but no company information is verified or displayed on the certificate.

Extended — Also known as a “green bar” certificate (see example below). Requires that a certificate application be sent to the certificate authority who verifies your domain name, ownership, and credibility of your company. The issued certificate will then show data confirming the identity of the site owner.

Trust Level — Refers to the amount of trust your customers place in your site’s security based on the SSL certificate type.

Green Bar in Browser — Displays the confirmed identity of the domain owner in a green bar.

Green bar

Warranty — The maximum amount covered by the certificate issuer in instances where a security breach causes the covered person to incur an economic loss beyond direct damages. See GeoTrust’s Legal Documentation list for full terms of warranty.

Issuance — The amount of time after purchase before your SSL certificate is issued to you.

Server Gated Cryptography — Allows visitors using much older browsers to connect to your site at a high encryption rate, increasing their security.

SSL Encryption — The maximum strength of the SSL certificate encryption, which determines how difficult it would be to break into a session protected by the SSL certificate. 256-bit is most commonly the highest level.

99% Browser Compatibility — Assures that your SSL certificate will be recognized and supported by 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers.

Browser Security Lock — Displays a lock icon in the browser bar when on a secure page.

Lock icon

Mobile Device Compatibility — Determines whether or not the lock icon displays when viewing a secure page on a mobile device. Mobile devices will still be secure under the Standard SSL.

EV Upgrader — Provides extended verification visibility in older versions of Internet Explorer (IE7) on Windows XP systems.

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