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BigCommerce Design Policy

In order to provide the best site design for your online business, BigCommerce offers high-quality theme designs and the ability to customize the look of your online store without modifying the code.


Store Design

Each Stencil theme comes with its own Store Design, which allows you to change the color scheme and display settings for your store. It can add credit card icons in the footer, set how many products display in a search result, adjust the universal image dimensions for products, and much more. To learn more about what this feature can do, see our documentation on Stencil Themes.


Edit Theme Files

For design items that may need more than what Store Design covers, there is an in-browser way to edit the HTML/CSS of a page. This does require knowledge of HTML/CSS and Handlebars.js, which are the code languages used to build the themes. This provides a good look under the hood of a theme, but it does have some limitations. To learn more about Edit Theme Files, see Editing Stencil Theme Files.


Stencil Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The Stencil Command-Line Interface (CLI) provides you the ability to edit the code on themes in a controlled environment, allowing for more advanced customization and theme development. This method does give full access to all the theme’s files on your local machine without affecting your live storefront until you are ready. To learn more about Stencil CLI, see our Developer Documentation.


Design Support

To get assistance with a design feature for your storefront, we offer three main avenues of support.

BigCommerce Community

The BigCommerce Community is an outstanding resource for information on how to customize your theme’s design.

For DIY coding and design support, you can ask questions related to theme design in Community Q&A — Themes & Design. This is a peer-to-peer space where other merchants, third party-developers, and Partners are free to give and receive advice. Expect to find how-to instructions, code snippets, and a focus on providing general guidance to empower you to make your own customizations.

The Critique My Site area is great for getting design-related feedback. It provides an excellent place to share your work, discuss best practices, and get design feedback from other Community members.

Merchants can post job requests for developers to complete small to medium sized coding and design tasks and store optimization jobs through the Community Jobs Board. Common tasks include:

  • changing default text in the theme
  • getting rid of white space and moving elements around in the theme
  • adding simple conditional logic to a theme, such as “Show X if customers are logged in to Y Customer Group”

As developers in this group “bid” for jobs, it is important that your posting includes information such as your store's URL and a detailed description of the task. Interested developers will provide their contact information for merchants to pursue further discussion of the job and receive a quote for the requested work offline.

Please keep in mind, while the BigCommerce Community contains a wealth of user-generated advice, your situation, configuration, or use of BigCommerce themes may vary from that of the individual sharing a solution. BigCommerce will not negotiate jobs or settle complaints with third-party developers and Partners. Be aware that pursuing paid design work is at your own risk.

Design Partners

For larger tasks, we recommend using one of our certified BigCommerce Partners. Partners listed on the site know the BigCommerce platform and how to work with our themes. You can filter the partner listing only to show those who have worked with Stencil themes before, find someone in your price range, or someone in your area.

Partners support their own work. If something in the design stops working as intended, contact the developer first.

Marketplace Applications

Apps from the App Marketplace can add some design functionality to your storefront and may require you to add code into a theme file. It is the responsibility of the app creator to keep their instructions and app updated.

For help installing an app, contact the creator of the app or post in the Apps & Integrations section in our Community.

Our Technical Support can assist in determining if an app is causing an issue but do not have access to the App Marketplace in your store to provide onboarding assistance or troubleshoot problems with an app. For App support contact the App Partner or post in the Apps & Integrations section of the Community.

BigCommerce Technical Support

Our Technical Support agents can only offer general advice or help troubleshoot an issue. Technical Support is unable to add, edit, or adjust the HTML/CSS/JS of a theme for users, but they can offer guidance in using Store Design.

Critical Issues

If changes made to your theme prevent shoppers from completing orders and you or your developer are unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to our Technical Support Team. We will work with you to troubleshoot and find the root of the issue. This may require our Support Team to create a backup of your current design and revert the theme to its default state so your store can resume normal operation. This will allow us to further troubleshoot and direct the issue to the right people without interrupting your business. In some cases, troubleshooting may require contacting your theme developer or third party designer.

If a BigCommerce theme contains a bug, please report it to our Support Team so we can direct it to our Theme Developers. If you are using a third-party theme, please contact the original theme developer.


Have an issue with a Pixel Union Theme? Pixel Union Stencil theme issues should still be reported to BigCommerce, as Pixel Union is intimately involved in the BigCommerce Stencil marketplace.

If you have a suggestion for improving a BigCommerce theme or the theme experience, please Log in to the BigCommerce Community and post it on our Ideas website for our team to evaluate.


IP Policy

The themes available in the BigCommerce Marketplace are exclusive to BigCommerce stores. When purchasing a theme or utilizing a free theme, you may alter the code to suit your business needs.

The original theme creator retains the rights to the theme, however. A theme created using a Marketplace theme as its base can NOT be resold in another theme market or privately to another store owner.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in legal action.

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