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Applying ShipperHQ Attributes to Products via CSV Import/Export

If you're using ShipperHQ, you can save time by applying Shipping Groups, Shipping Origins, and/or Dimensional Rules to multiple products at the same time. You can do this by using our Import/Export feature to add this information via spreadsheet and importing it into your store.


New to our Import/Export feature? Brush up on importing products and exporting products. For a quick overview on updating products with this feature, see Updating Products Using Import/Export.

Creating a Shipping Export Template

Since the shipping attributes are not included in the default or bulk edit export templates, you'll need to create a custom export template in order to export and re-import these details. The steps below will cover creating a customized export template that includes the shipping attribute fields.

1. Go to Advanced SettingsExport Templates.

2. In the Action drop-down next to Bulk Edit, select Choose an ActionCreate a Copy.

Copy the Bulk Edit template

3. Rename your custom template (we used "Shipping"), then click on the Products tab.

4. You will be brought to a list of product attributes. Click the checkbox next to Export this field to deselect all fields, then reselect the following fields.

  • Product Name
  • Category String
  • Shipping Groups
  • Origin Locations
  • Dimensional Rules

If you prefer, you can keep the other fields selected; they will just make it slightly more difficult to locate the shipping attributes in the spreadsheet.

ShipperHQ attributes under the Products tab when creating a new export template

5. Click Save & Exit.

Exporting Your Products


Make a sample! Before exporting your products, edit a product and add the shipping attributes. (They can be found in the Details tab under Shipping.) This way you'll have a live example of how these fields are formatted in the spreadsheet, making it easier to apply them to the rest of your products.

1. Go to ProductsExport.

2. Under Template, select the shipping template that you created.

The newly created export template selected in the Export Products screen

3. Click Continue and follow the prompts to download your CSV file. Open the spreadsheet using your spreadsheet editor of choice.

4. Add your shipping attributes to the Shipping Groups, Origin Locations, and Dimensional Rules columns.

Sample CSV with shipping fields highlighted

5. Save your spreadsheet when done. Do not change the file type from CSV, since only CSV files can be re-imported.

6. Re-import your spreadsheet. Double-check some of your updated products to make sure the data was imported accurately.

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