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Using the App is a global wholesale platform that serves millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Our integration allows you to source products from's extensive network of Chinese wholesale suppliers right from the BigCommerce control panel.

Once you have found the product or products you are looking for, you are led to the site to complete your purchase. At this time products ordered from will not be automatically added to your store, and must be added manually. The ability to have products automatically added to your store after purchase is planned for a future version of the integration.


Supported Categories and Subcategories

This version of the app includes products curated from five categories and their relevant subcategories.


Boy's clothing
Children's clothing
Garment accessories
Girl's clothing
Hoodies and sweatshirts
Infant and toddlers clothing
Ladies' blouses and tops
Men's clothing
Men's shirts
Organic cotton clothing
Other apparel
Pants and trousers
Plus size clothing
Suits and tuxedo
Tank tops
Vests and waistcoats
Wedding apparel and accessories
Women's clothing

Automobiles & Motorcycles

Air intakes
Auto chassis parts
Auto cloth
Auto electrical system
Auto electronics
Auto engine
Auto ignition system
Body parts
Brake system
Car care and cleaning
Cooling system
Exterior accessories
Fuel system
Interior accessories
Lubrication system
Motorcycle parts
Other auto parts
Valve train
Vehicle tools

Beauty & Personal Care

Body art
Hair extensions and wigs
Hair salon equipment
Makeup tools
Men care
Nail supplies
Shaving & hair removal
Skin care

Consumer Electronics

Accessories and parts
Camera, photo and accessories
Home audio, video and accessories
Mobile phone and accessories
Other consumer electronics
Portable audio, video and accessories
Video game and accessories

Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear

  • Pocket watches
  • Wristwatches
  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Brooches
  • Costume and fashion jewelry
  • Cufflinks and tie clips
  • Earrings
  • Fine jewelry
  • Hair jewelry
  • Jewelry sets
  • Necklaces
  • Other jewelry
  • Pendants and charms
  • Rings
  • Eyeglasses frames
  • Eyewear accessories
  • Other eyewear
  • Reading glasses
  • Sports eyewear
  • Sunglasses

Enabling the App

You must be signed in as the Store Owner to access and enable the app.

1. Go to AppsMarketplace.

2. Search for Alibaba and click on the title.

Alibaba app

3. Click Install to begin the installation.

4. A permissions page will display, asking you to allow the app access to specific store data. Click Confirm to continue.

Alibaba confirm install button

5. The application will load with a few popups displaying information about the app. Click Next to get to the final screen, then click Finish.


Sourcing Products

There are four ways to locate products within the BigCommerce app.

The BigCommerce application homepage

  1. Categories Menu — a list of top-level categories including Apparel, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Beauty & Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear
  2. Category Launch Panels — displays row of top products per category, and includes a See more link to browse the category
  3. Search Bar — allows searches for simple terms
  4. Subcategory Carousel — a rotating banner displaying popular subcategories for quick navigation

Category Pages

Navigating to any category page will display the top products in that category and also reveal its subcategories in the left side panel.

Category page example

The Sort by drop-down in the upper right side of the screen allows you to sort by Relevance, Price: Low to High, and Price: High to Low.

Sort by dropdown

Each product thumbnail includes a product image, name, price per piece, and the minimum order number.

Single product thumbnail


Individual Product Information

Navigating to any product will display a popup with additional information such as shipping costs, and supplier details. The top portion of the product details popup displays the price per piece, minimum order number, as well as the View & buy on button.

View and Buy button

Product Details

The Product details section displays additional product information, which varies product to product.

Product details section

Click the Product details label to reveal additional product information.

Shipping & delivery cost

The Shipping & delivery cost section displays the Fastest and Cheapest shipping methods available for the product and lists the carrier for each method. Note that all shipping prices are quoted for shipping within the US.

Dispatched within 48h indicates that once you have placed your order and completed the payment, the supplier must dispatch the products within 48 hours.

Shipping and Delivery costs section

Supplier details

The Supplier details section displays the supplier, their location, and their tenure as a Gold supplier with

Supplier details section


Gold Supplier? The Wholesale app only includes Alibaba Gold Suppliers. In order to qualify as a Gold Supplier, suppliers must be verified. Learn more about safety and security by visiting the What are Verification Services page on the Help Center.

Secure payments & buyer protection

The Secure payments & buyer protection section displays important information regarding the funds for your order including buyer protection, refund policies, and accepted payment methods.

Secure payments section

Buyer Protection: Every purchase from includes their buyer protection which ensures that your payment is not released to the supplier until you have confirmed receipt of the order. For additional information see the FAQ.


Ordering Products

1. Navigate to any product thumbnail and click it to load the product details popup.

2. Click View & buy on This will open a new tab in your browser, taking you to the product’s page on

View and buy button in product menu

3. Select the total amount of the product you would like to purchase and click Buy Now.

Quantity and buy buttons

4. You will be taken to a screen to either create a free account or log into an existing one. If creating a new account, click Join Free and enter the required information.

5. Log into your new or existing account and complete your order on the checkout page.


General Assistance with

Visit the Help Center to find answers to general questions about their services or if you need assistance with your account. Alternatively, visit the contact page to send questions to Anna,'s 24-hour online intelligent robot.

Getting Assistance from Within your Account

1. Go to, and enter your account's email address and password.

2. Hover the My Alibaba menu option on the top right side of the page. Then, click the My Alibaba link.

My Alibaba link

3. Click the Need Help? button on the right side of the page.

Need Help? link

4. A list of top questions will be displayed. Click Ask More to type and send your own question, and receive a smart response within 24 hours.

Ask More link


Trade (Order) Disputes

If you are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • You paid for goods, however, the supplier never delivered them or provided you with an invalid tracking number.
  • The goods you received are not the same ones you paid for.
  • Any other issues related to a wholesale order which you placed.

Please log into your wholesale account and follow the instructions below to open an order dispute.

Opening a Dispute

1. Go to, and enter your account's email address and password.

2. Click My Orders found under My Alibaba.

My Orders link

3. Locate and click the order you would like to dispute, then click Open Dispute.

Open dispute link


Be careful! You cannot submit a dispute if you have clicked Confirm: Order Received. Please make sure you confirm the order only when you have received the product and are satisfied with its condition.

4. Enter the dispute details, then click Submit.

This process opens an escalated case with's support. You will normally receive a follow up within 5 working days. Visit the Help Center for more information.

Dissatisfaction with Order or Issues with the Supplier You Purchased From

If you are not happy with the product you have ordered or are experiencing an issue with the supplier, please contact the Support Team directly by visiting the Help Center.


Issues with the App

For any issues that are taking place with the integration in your BigCommerce control panel, please reach out to our support teams via email, chat or phone.



I don't see any relevant products. How can I give you my feedback?

To provide feedback on what products you'd like to see, open the app and click the Feedback link located in the upper right corner of the page.

How do I know if this supplier is not selling counterfeit goods?

To ensure that suppliers are not selling counterfeit goods, has handpicked only the best-performing suppliers and ensured that they are made available through this Wholesale app to BigCommerce merchants only.

What does best-performing mean?

This means that these suppliers:

  • are Alibaba Gold Suppliers
  • have a consistent track record/history of supplying high-quality products at low price points
  • ship and deliver products within a short period of time

How do I know that my payment is secure?

Alibaba provides the Secure Payment service to ensure that your payment is secure. This service was previously known as an Escrow Service and it aims to provide a safe payment service for all parties engaged in international trade. By partnering with an independent online payment platform (Alipay), provides payment security to both buyers and suppliers. This is how it works:

  • Payment Security — Your money is held by Alipay, an independent online payment platform until you confirm delivery. Once you have confirmed delivery, we will then notify Alipay to release your payment to the supplier.
  • Full Refund — If the supplier doesn't ship your order on time, or if you don't receive it and it is determined to be the fault of the supplier, you'll get your payment returned directly.
  • Partial refund and keeping products — If the products you receive are significantly different from the product requirements agreed in the contract with the supplier, you may choose to receive a partial refund and also keep the product.

Why do I see a BigCommerce screen after I've clicked on the 'Buy' button on the Wholesale website?

This allows your BigCommerce account to be linked to your Alibaba account. This process is known as account binding and is required for features that will be released to the app in the near future.

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