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Adding the Customer's Email Address to the Packing Slip (Blueprint)

These instructions only apply to legacy Blueprint Themes. BigCommerce technical support is not able to assist with changes made to a theme's code. See BigCommerce Design Policy for information on how to get assistance if you are not familiar with editing HTML. For help doing this with Stencil, see the Stencil Theme Developer Documentation

The customer's email address is not included on the packing slip by default, but it can be added with the following steps. 

1. Go to Storefront › My Themes, then click on Edit HTML/CSS.


2. In the list of Other Template Files on the left, locate packing_slip_print.html.

Use Ctrl F or Command F to quickly locate template files in the list.

packing_slip_print.html located in the Other Template Files list

3. In the code to the right, add the following code directly underneath the %%GLOBAL_BillingAddress%% variable.

%%LNG_Email%%: %%GLOBAL_BillingEmail%%

Code containing the above variables

4. Save your changes. Your packing slip will now display your customer's email address.

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