Adding a Shipping Zone for the 'Rest of the World'

The Rest of the World shipping zone lets you provide shipping options to customers in all geographic regions that have not already been explicitly defined in other zones.

For instance, say you want to offer free shipping to all addresses within the United States, but still want to provide $10 flat rate shipping everywhere else in the world. A Rest of the World shipping zone allows you to do this easily and without having to specifically identify all those countries.


Be careful! A Rest of the World shipping zone will allow a customer to complete checkout with literally any shipping address. Make sure this aligns with your overall business or shipping strategy before enabling it.

1. In the Shipping Manager, click Add shipping zone, then Add the rest of the world. If you already have a "Rest of the World" zone set up, you will not see this option.

Add rest of the world highlighted in the Add a shipping zone button list

2. Your new zone will appear in the list of zones under Default Shipping Rules. Click Configure to set up shipping methods for the zone.

Configure button highlighted next to the Rest of the World zone

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