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Adding a Shipping Zone by State or Province

1. In the Shipping Manager, click on the arrow next to Add Shipping Zone and choose Add a custom zone.

2. Name your zone. E.g. 48 Continental US

3. For Type, choose Selection of states or provinces.

4. Select your country from the Country drop-down.

5. Select your states from the States drop-down.

Create a custom zone then add a Name, Type, Country, and the states/provinces for the zone

  • click the box to choose from the drop-down
  • type the name of the state to filter the drop-down

6. Click Submit when you are finished.

This zone will now appear in the list under Default Shipping Rules. You will need to add at least one shipping method to this zone before it will be functional.

To add a zone for states and provinces across multiple countries, follow the same process as a zip code based zone but choose multiple states/provinces across countries, and select a country before choosing states or provinces.

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