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Adding a GeoTrust SSL Seal to Your Store's Footer

The GeoTrust seal is a dynamically generated image that will only appear on stores protected by the GeoTrust SSL. Having a GeoTrust seal will increase your shoppers' level of trust in your store, which can boost your conversion rate.

Sample GeoTrust seal

These instructions cover how to add the GeoTrust seal to your store's footer.


Using a Cornerstone theme? If you're using the latest version of the Cornerstone Theme, the seal can be applied in the Store Design editor without the need to copy and paste the script.


Locating the Code

These steps will be required if you are using a legacy Blueprint theme and some Stencil Themes. If the Store Design editor for your theme has a section for adding a GeoTrust SSL seal, copying this code is not required.

1. Go to Geotrust's Secured Seal Installation page.

2. Select the size of the seal from the drop-down menu. Then enter your web address including the 'www' (e.g.

Choose seal size and enter URL

3. Click the button I Accept. Create Script.

Generate Script Button

4. Select the script and copy it.

Copy generated script

5. Depending on your theme, use the Stencil or Blueprint instructions.


Adding the GeoTrust Seal

Stencil Themes

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront › Footer Scripts.

2. Paste the GeoTrust code into the empty field.

GeoTrust code added to Footer field under the Scripts tab

3. Save your changes. You can now open your store and see the GeoTrust seal in the footer.

Store Design

Some themes, like Cornerstone, have the option to add the Geotrust seal via the Store Design editor. The section is found under Header&Footer in the Cornerstone Theme. This method does not require the script copied from the GeoTrust website.
GeoTrust from the Theme Editor

SSL Common Name — Enter your SSL Common Name for a GeoTrust SSL seal appears in the footer. The common name is the domain name you entered when purchasing the SSL certificate. If you purchased through BigCommerce see Managing Billing and Account Details, for instructions on how to access your BigCommerce Account Dashboard.

Seal Size — change the size of the seal displayed in the footer, either Medium or Small

Blueprint Themes

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront › My Themes. Click the Edit HTML/CSS button on the Themes page.

Edit HTML/CSS link

2. Scroll to the bottom of the list in the top left called Files used by this template, and click on Footer.html.

Footer.html in the list of Files used by this template.

3. Where you will place this code may vary from theme to theme.

A sample Geotrust Seal code pasted in template.

4. Save your changes. You can now open your store and see the GeoTrust seal in the footer.



Don't see the GeoTrust Seal?

The GeoTrust Secured Seal should display within 24 hours of installation and often will display within a couple of hours.

Is the Seal affecting your design?

The GeoTrust Seal code uses an HTML table, which can affect the design. If you prefer, you can use the old style by copying the legacy code and following the instructions below for your theme.

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