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Adding Social Media Icons to the Bottom of Your Emails

To help promote your brand, you can include links to your social media sites on every email sent to shoppers.

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront Design › Design Options.

2. Click MoreEmails.

More tab with Emails selected

3. Click the + icon to the left of Snippets.

4. Click ActionEdit to the right of EmailFooter.html.

5. Place your cursor after %%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%%/, then press Enter or Return.

The %%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%% variable.

6. Click the Insert/Edit Image button.

The Insert/Edit Image button.

7. Click Browse, then select the social media icon image from your computer.

The Browse button.

8. Click Insert.

The Insert button.

9. Click the social media icon image to select it, then click the Insert/Edit Link button.

The Insert/Edit Link button.

10. Enter your social media page's URL in the Link URL field, then click Insert.

The Link URL field.

11. Save your changes.

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