Adding Custom Text to the Invoice Email

The emails sent to your customers are generic by default. To make the messaging in your emails match the brand and tone of your store's customer experience, add a personalized message to your invoice emails. 
Customizing the text involved utilizing the WYSIWYG Editor, so you do not need to edit any code. 

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Options and click MoreEmails.

The More > Emails link.

2. Click ActionEdit to the right of invoice_email.html.

3. Place your cursor just before %%GLOBAL_CartItemColumns%%, then press Enter or Return. This will create the space needed to insert your custom text.

The %%GLOBAL_CartItemColumns%% variable.

4. Type your custom message on the empty line above %%GLOBAL_CartItemColumns%%. You can format it using the buttons at the top of the WYSIWYG Editor.

This area of your invoice email is a great place to include customer testimonials or your return policies.

5. Save your changes.

To see what this email looks like, you'll have to make a test purchase from your store.

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