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The Abandoned Carts Report shows you statistics on carts that were abandoned— a customer added items to their cart but left before completing an order. This report includes statistics on all abandoned carts from all users, including guests.

If a cart is abandoned by customers who were logged in or provided their contact information during the checkout process, those customers can be sent an email inviting them to complete checkout. This functionality is the called the Abandoned Cart Saver. To see statistics on the Abandoned Cart Saver, take a look at the Abandoned Cart Recovery Report.

The Abandoned Carts Report shows you the Abandoned Revenue (the sum total of lost revenue), the number of abandoned carts, and the abandon rate (percentage of all carts that were abandoned).


Why is the number of abandoned carts different than how many abandoned cart emails were sent? This number will differ since this report includes all abandoned carts, whereas the Abandoned Cart Saver can only send emails to carts associated with a logged-in customer or a guest who began checkout.

Top-line Statistics

Summary at the top of the Abandoned Carts Report

The report starts with five key metrics:

  • Abandoned Revenue — sum total of the revenue from all abandoned carts in a given time period
  • Abandoned Carts — sum total of carts that did not result in an order. This includes guest checkouts for which no email address was provided.
  • Abandon Rate — percentage of all carts that were abandoned in a given time period
  • Total Revenue — sum total of money from completed orders, converted into one currency, minus revenue lost to refunds and returns
  • Orders — number of unique, completed orders

Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate graph charts abandonment rate metric over the selected period of time.

Graph showing abandoned carts over a given time period

Abandoned Carts

The bottom of the report shows you your top abandoned products and corresponding metrics around how often they’ve been abandoned, how much revenue they represent, the abandon rate, and the number of visits that product receives. Click on the product name to go to the Merchandising Report.

Most commonly abandoned products table at the bottom of the Abandoned Carts Report


Want to learn more? Check out our guide to the Abandoned Cart Report to learn more about how you can use this report to increase your revenue.

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