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Ecommerce Analytics | Abandoned Cart Report

The Abandoned Carts Report shows you statistics on carts that were abandoned— a customer added items to their cart but left before completing an order. This report includes statistics on all abandoned carts from all users, including guests.

If a cart is abandoned by customers who were logged in or provided their contact information during the checkout process, those customers can be sent an email inviting them to complete checkout. This feature is called the Abandoned Cart Saver. To see statistics on the Abandoned Cart Saver, take a look at the Abandoned Cart Recovery Report.

The Abandoned Cart Report can be viewed under AnalyticsAbandoned Carts.

Top-line Statistics

Top line statistics

Metric Breakdown

Abandoned Revenuesum total of the revenue from all abandoned carts in a given time periodsum (revenue) for abandoned carts
Abandoned Cartssum total of carts that did not result in an order. This includes guest checkouts for which no email address was provided.sum abandoned carts
Abandon Ratepercentage of all carts that were abandoned in a given time periodabandoned carts / carts
Total Revenuesum total of the revenue from completed orders minus revenue lost to refunds and returnssum (revenue from completed orders) - sum (returns + refunds)
Ordersnumber of unique completed orderssum completed orders

Take Action with Data — Each day you should view this report to track shopping cart performance and to make sure there are no sudden drops or dramatic increases in abandonment rate. This could be an indication that something is wrong with the checkout process.

Next to each abandoned cart metric we have added its complementary metric. For example, next to the abandoned cart revenue we display the revenue realized that day. Next to abandoned carts we show the number of orders completed during the same period, and next to the abandonment rate we display your purchase rate.

In each case, we have chosen to display complementary metrics so you can monitor the ratios between these two measurements. If you see that your abandoned revenue vs. total revenue ratio is starting to get larger, this may be an indication that perhaps your marketing mix has changed and you may be receiving more unqualified traffic (if you have not made merchandising or checkout flow changes).

Abandonment Rate Graph

The abandonment rate graph charts the abandonment rate metric over the selected period of time. If the graph is showing a single day, the abandonment rate will be hourly and each calculation will be for the abandonment rate for one hour (e.g. 2-3pm, 3-4pm). If the graph is showing more than one day in the selected period, the abandonment rate will be daily and each calculation will be for the average abandonment rate from one day.

Abandon rate graph


Take Action with Data — Monitor how abandonment rate is trending to help understand how making changes to your product pages or adding new products affects your revenue. The trends from these metrics can also help you predict future behavior.

Want to learn more? Visit the Abandoned Carts Insights Report to gain additional information only available through Ecommerce Insights.

Abandoned Carts

The bottom of the report shows you your top abandoned products and corresponding metrics around how often they’ve been abandoned, how much revenue they represent, the abandon rate, and the number of visits that product receives. Click on the product name to go to the Individual Product Report.

Abandoned cart product table

Metric Breakdown

Abandoned Cartstotal number of carts that included the product that didn't become orderssum (carts that included the product that were abandoned)
Abandoned Revenuerevenue lost when this item was abandonedsum (line item price of product * qty) from ab carts that include the product
Abandon Ratepercentage of all carts that included the product that were abandoned in a given time periodsum (carts that included the product that were abandoned) / sum (carts that included the product)
Visitsvisitssum visits

Take Action with Data — This detailed table helps you quickly understand some very important data about your products:

  • Which products generate the most/least abandoned cart revenue?
  • Which products have the highest/lowest abandoned cart rate?

This data will allow you to view each product’s performance over time. Use this information in conjuction with A/B testing (like trying different images, updating the description, and/or changing the price of the product) to minimize abandonment and promote conversion.

If you observe that a product is getting a lot of views and has a very high abandon rate then you may want to review whether it makes sense to drive paid traffic via Google AdWords to those products in question.

Similarly, if you notice that there are products that receive sufficient views but do not sell, then you may want to consider discounting those specific product colors, sizes, or variants.

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