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Working with a Design Partner


For larger, complicated redesign projects, it can be beneficial to work with someone with expertise in web design and the BigCommerce platform. Even for smaller design changes, having an expert on your side can provide unique insight that can greatly improve your storefront appearance and conversion rate.

If you don’t already have a dedicated web designer, BigCommerce works with partners who know our platform to make it easier for you to find someone to help with your design needs. There are several ways to find the right Partner for you.


Finding a Design Partner

Partner Directory

Our Partner Directory is a good place to start your search. It provides a listing of our current partners, with several ways to filter so you can find a partner that matches your needs. Make sure you check the Stencil Ready filter. This will ensure that this partner has worked with Stencil themes before.

Partner Directory

Other filters to consider are Budget and Expertise. This lets you find partners who work within your budget range and focus on design (as opposed to SEO or development).


What do the badges mean? In the Partner Directory, you may notice that there are badges next to the name of the partner. These are meant to display which of our partners have gone through specific training with our platform. For example, a Certified BigCommerce Partner means that the partner has passed the initial training on our platform.

Partner Community

In the BigCommerce Community, we have a public discussion groups specifically for posting design and customization job requests and connecting with third-party developers. You only need to log into the Community to post your design requests or projects in the Community Jobs Board.

Once you've found a partner you'd like to work with, there are a few things you'll have to do in your store to get ready to have them work on your site.


Working with a Designer

If you have made any Store Design changes, download your theme before the designer starts to work on your site. Keep this copy for yourself so you can have a version of your theme that you can go back to if necessary.

You will want to create a User specifically for the designer. This will ensure that the designer only has access to the parts of the site that relate to design. You are free to give them any user permissions you think they would need. We recommend they have access to the following permissions:

  • Manage Banners
  • Manage Pages
  • Use Image Manager
  • Store Design
  • Design Mode
  • WebDAV access

If they're working on more than design, you can add more permissions.


Do not make the designer the store owner! To protect your privacy, including your credit card and other personal information, never set the designer user as the Store Owner or give them your login information. If the designer needs to contact our technical support, you can give them your Support PIN. This allows Technical Support to verify that they have permission from you to adjust the backend of the store.

There are benefits to making the designer their own user, including checking the Store Logs. You can see when they logged in and what general actions they took in the Control Panel. This helps you hold the designer accountable for actions they take in the store and can aid in troubleshooting

Staff Action Log

A few tips for working with a partner on your BigCommerce Store:

  • Tell the designer about any apps that need code added to the theme. A designer will not have access to those apps, so make sure you can send them the code necessary to make it work.
  • Send a copy of your old theme that you have saved if there are any customizations you want to continue to use on the new theme. This gives the designer a good reference to work from when moving customizations from one theme to another.
  • Hold off on adding any new apps until after the new design is applied to the store. You can keep your store live and do theme development without affecting store functions. However, if you prefer, you can put your store into maintenance mode. Make sure you have a reliable method of contacting the designer. Keep communicating throughout the whole process.

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