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Using Ecommerce Insights for Upsell & Cross Sell Campaigns

So far you've learned the benefits of cross-selling and upselling on product pages to increase average order value, and the advantages of leveraging customer segments to improve customer lifetime value. In this chapter, we're going to combine these concepts to deliver the best products to your best customers with highly-targeted email campaigns.

You've discovered your rockstar products, your hottest products, and the products that are most often purchased with them. All of them are great choices for your upsell and cross-sell emails. Likewise, the Best Products for Repeat Purchase report would be a great addition to your follow up emails or win-back campaigns. Customers that purchase the products in this report are more likely to shop again.

Best products for repeat purchase report

Regardless of which products you choose to recommend, the key to a successful upsell or cross-sell email is subtlety. People don't want to feel like they're being pushed into a sale, even if the products you're recommending are something they need. Instead, use the power of suggestion by using a personalized approach. Start the email with a personal greeting, show their recently purchased items, and provide recommendations related to those products. For example, if you sell barbeque grills, send an email about proper cleaning methods and products two weeks after one is purchased.


Getting Started

The first step in creating an email campaign is deciding which email marketing platform you'll use. Again, if you are brand new to using a dedicated email marketing tool, the App Marketplace has several options that will integrate directly with your store.

Once you've decided on the email marketing tool, the next step will be to build and segment your customer list. If you've been following the guide, you should already have the following groups:

  • High AOV Customers (Best Customer report, Best Full-Price Customers report)
  • Low AOV Customers (Low AOV Customers report)
  • "At Risk" Customers (Customers At Risk report)

Don't forget to create another group in your email marketing tool for your entire customer base to make sure everyone gets your educational or announcement emails.

Each report will have a Download CSV button that you can use to export your customer lists. You can then upload the CSVs into your email marketing tool. If you're using one of our integrations, the app may automatically do the upload for you when it's installed.

Once your lists are in your email marketing platform, it's time to create a campaign and build your emails. Depending on the platform, creating a campaign is relatively straightforward. There will usually be a series of templates to choose from with host of other options such as recommended product containers. When you’re building your upsell and cross-sell emails, the focus should be on personalization. Show your customers that you know what they need and who they are.


Tips & Best Practices

Even though your email marketing platform is doing the heavy lifting, the emails should never feel scripted or automated.

  • Sender — Consider using a personalized account instead of your company name to send your emails. Customers will respond better when they feel they are coming from you instead of an impersonal company name.
  • Headers — Your subject lines should be personal and short with a clear call-to-action.
  • Body — Talk with your customers, not at them. Be short, clear and direct with your text while using high-quality imagery. Have a clear call-to-action and organize your emails for readability.
  • Footer — Don't leave your customers hanging. Leave options for them to engage your brand through other channels by including your contact information and social media links. Don't forget to include an unsubscribe link!

Remember, product recommendations can be used in addition to other content. For example, you can add product recommendations to your receipt emails with the app Conversio. Either way, it’s important to make sure the offers are relevant to the customers who are receiving them.

In the final chapter, we'll show you how to push your data even further by incorporating Facebook. You'll learn how to reach people that resemble your best customers, and how to maximize the return on your ad spend by choosing the best products to advertise to them.

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