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Things to Avoid

While keyword research can range from the simple to the mind-bogglingly complex, there are some common missteps to avoid:

  • Choosing keywords that are too broad
  • Targeting keywords with too much competition
  • Targeting keywords without enough traffic
  • Targeting keywords that don’t convert
  • Making assumptions as to what keywords your customers are using
  • Trying to rank for one keyword at a time
  • Selecting keywords that don’t represent the contents of a page
  • Trying to overload your content with keywords (keyword stuffing)
  • Hiding keywords on your pages using CSS tricks (like blending them into the background)

One of the biggest misconceptions on this list is that you should try to rank for one keyword at a time. It’s much easier and more profitable to rank for hundreds or even thousands of long tail keywords with the same piece of content. To do this, you’ll need to develop a keyword theme for your business. This will allow you to write more natural content, which aligns with one of the tenets of good SEO:

Write for your audience, not search bots and ranking algorithms.

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