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Testing your New Theme

Once your design is ready, it's time to do some testing before making it public. This is to make sure that there is nothing in the design that could prevent normal store functionality.

Set aside some time when your site doesn’t get much traffic to run some tests. You can put your store into Maintenance Mode at this time, but it is not required.

Maintenance Mode

Apply the new theme to your live store by going to Storefront › My Themes, then click on the thumbnail image of your new theme. Click the Apply button to make it live on your storefront.

User-added image

Now that the new theme is on your store, check the following:

  • Check the images of your products and on your homepage to make sure they are not distorted.
  • Make a test purchase to make sure nothing prevents a customer from completing checkout.
  • Paste in your SSL seal codes if you have them and check if they appear on your storefront.
  • Make sure any apps you have installed are functioning.

If all goes well, unveil the new theme to your shoppers!



If you run into an issue or something doesn't work, here are a few things to try:

  • Check your Store Logs first. This will usually bring up any errors that happen during checkout or if a setting was recently changed.
  • Check your installed apps. Try disabling an app and check if the design works. It could be that the app is not compatible.
  • Check your Store Settings. It is not necessarily the design that's causing the issue.

If the problem is not obvious and shoppers are prevented from completing orders. Download the broken theme and restore your previous theme as we outlined in Preparing for a Theme Change. If you need help with the backup and restore process, you can contact our Technical Support for assistance.

How to get Help

There are many resources available if you get stuck on an issue with your store. If the issue is the result of the design or custom code, the best place to get help is from the original designer. BigCommerce Technical Support can offer help investigating why a feature may not be working, but are unable to fix an issue directly if it involves adjusting the code in the design. If you worked with a design partner, they should be able to support and troubleshoot their own work. They would be the best resource for help with design issues.

The next best resource for help with design is our BigCommerce Community. There are several partners and tech-savvy merchants that may be able to resolve the issue.
BigCommerce Community

BigCommerce does not accept responsibility for or endorse the advice, workarounds or solutions shared in the Community. If you need assistance with a design modification from the Community, please reach out to the user who created the post for further assistance. Also, if someone needs access to the back of your store to help resolve an issue, always create a user for them. Never give them your login information!

If there is a feature necessary for your business or you have suggestions to make design changes easier, check the Ideas section of our Community.

These would be the best avenues to find help and resolve any issues you have with your theme.

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