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Shipping as a Marketing Tool

By now, you know that your shipping offering can make or break a sale. Whether your policy is compelling enough on its own or you’re running a special shipping offer, here are some great options for you to market your shipping to drive sales:


Meta descriptions

Place your offering in your meta descriptions to stand out against competitors in search results and drive shoppers to your website. Here’s how US Patriot Tactical does it.

Example of search result with meta description.

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Website copy

Because consumers often don't come to your site through the homepage, make sure competitive shipping policies like free shipping are incorporated into your product pages and other areas of your store.


Website Banners

You can use banners in your online store to call attention to a shipping promotion. They’re easy to set up, change and manage.


Social media

If you have a shipping or returns policy that’s competitive or compelling, don’t forget to share it with your social following. If you’re running a shipping special, spread the word via all of your channels.


Coupons and discounts

Not only can encourage new shoppers to convert by smartly marketing your shipping offer, but you can also reward loyal customers for their patronage.


Email marketing and newsletter

You can use an email marketing campaign or your newsletter to educate shoppers about your shipping policy, communicate a change or alert them about an offer. Additionally, you can encourage shoppers to sign up for your newsletter by offering them free or discounted shipping on their next order.


Abandoned Cart Emails

When a shopper abandons a cart on your site, offering shipping discounts or reminding them about your shipping and returns policy in your reminder emails can help bring them back.

Building a sense of urgency into your shipping offer can help convince shoppers to buy. Try placing an expiration date on your offer, or let customers know the last day to qualify for free shipping and still received orders in time for the holidays.

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