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Ecommerce Analytics Reports | Sales Tax Report

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One of the most often overlooked costs of doing business is managing the collection and reporting of sales tax. By using the Sales Tax Report, you can easily balance your accounting throughout the year or simply during tax season.


Sales Tax Report

The Sales Tax Report can be viewed under AnalyticsSales Tax Report. Your control panel user account must have the Order Statistics permission enabled along with either Store Overview Report or Carts Report to view this report.

This report provides a summary of sales tax collected for the date specified in the Date Range field.

Sales tax report display

You will find the following details:

  • Period — The time period for the row listed as a date, a month, or a year. This is determined by the List by field.
  • Tax Type — This is the tax jurisdiction you need to remit taxes too.
  • Tax Rate — This is the tax rate, expressed as a percentage.
  • Number of Orders — This is the number of orders the tax rate was applied to within the selected date range.
  • Tax Amount — This is a sum of the taxable amount.

How are multiple orders with the same tax type reported? All recorded order values are added together daily into a single line item for each tax type. You can see the number of orders included in the calculation next to the tax amount. This allows you to easily identify the tax collected for each tax entity.

Example of multiple orders with the same tax type.


Selecting a Date Range

There are a number of preset date ranges you can choose from in the Date Range field. You can also summarize the report by day, month or year in the List by field. Click Go after making your selections. You can select Custom to enter a date range that falls outside the preset ranges.

Date range dropdown menu


Exporting Your Report

To export this report to a CSV file, click Export. The exported file will show the collection period, the type of tax, the tax rate applied, the number of orders in that period, and the amount of tax collected.

Sales tax report csv export

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