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Personalizing your New Theme

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Stencil provides the flexibility to customize your theme without having to edit any code. Stencil themes come with a powerful Store Design editor that allows you to adjust colors, image sizes, and other display features. See Stencil Themes for more information.

The following articles all have advice on how to personalize your store without code:

The Store Design editor continues to add new features to make more design changes possible without touching the code. However, if you need a feature or a change that is not covered by Store Design, you can access the theme’s code.

If you are well versed in web development, visit our Stencil Developer Documentation for information on how to download the Stencil Command Line Interface (CLI). This feature is best suited for a full custom redesign of a theme.
For smaller changes, use the edit theme files function within Store Design. Some files are read only in the Edit Theme Files feature. These files are only accessible for edits using the Stencil CLI.

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