Import/Export Essentials

Image of computer user with import/export icons.

The BigCommerce Import/Export function can streamline your product, inventory, customer and data management for your online store.

A few ways you can leverage this feature include:


Export icon

Exporting your data into spreadsheet form will let you view all of your products, orders, or customers—as well as all of their attributes—at once. You can make changes (like adjusting the prices or descriptions) or even enter the information as-is into another program, such as an accounting app (e.g. QuickBooks or Xero).


Import icon.

Importing data via a spreadsheet back into your BigCommerce store will apply any adjustments you have made directly to that area of your business.

If you’re familiar with import/export, feel free to skip to our chapter Ways to Leverage Import/Export so you can get started. However, we’ve gathered best practices and tips from our expert staff and clients to put them together in this handy guide to help set you up for success and save you time.

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