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Checkout is one of the most crucial areas of your store. Making the experience frictionless for shoppers is key for making sure orders go through. BigCommerce offers a selection of checkout flows to meet the needs of your business model and customer demographics. This guide will help determine the best checkout solution for your business.

Checkout Type Selection

By default, our fastest and most advanced checkout, optimized one-page checkout, is applied to your store. It provides features that the other checkout types do not have, like Digital Wallets, Stored Credit Cards, and multilingual support.

Checkout Features

All of our checkout options utilize these features, so regardless of which checkout option you end up with, it will always feature these things.

What to Consider

Features on checkout are often connected to other features of your store, such as your payment gateway and theme platform. Some checkout options will only be available for specific payment gateways or themes. Keep in mind which payment gateway you want to use when considering the checkout.

Payment Gateways

Optimized One Page Checkout is required to use the following payment gateways:

Unique Features

Some features are unique to one checkout type. Examples of unique features that you may consider are:

See Checkout Comparison for a side by side view of the unique feature each checkout type offers.


Customizing the Checkout Page

Out of the box, the checkout will have all the functionality but a generic design. It will often pull things like the store name or logo to feature in the header and footer of the page.


Before you modify checkout. Adding modifications beyond color changes can have unexpected results that can prevent shoppers from completing orders. If you are unfamiliar with web development do not attempt any code changes.

Optimized One Page Checkout

Customizing the look and feel of the checkout is easily done through the Stencil Theme Editor. With the theme editor, you can adjust colors, text type, and logo placement. The Optimized One Page Checkout is primed for full Multiple Languages and displaying more than one currency.

For more advanced customization, a developer can access the checkout files and checkout API through Stencil CLI. This gives a developer access to what is under the hood of our most advanced checkout type.

One-Page Checkout

The modification for this checkout is limited to colors and editing CSS.

Custom One-Page Checkout (For Developers)

Custom One Page checkout uses our legacy theme development code base which does allow for some higher level customization such as inserting JavaScript or modifying the layout. Changes to color and text is accomplished through editing the CSS in the template files.

Based on the needs of your store, one of the checkout options should work for you. 

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