Getting Started with Products and Services

This guide will walk you through the essentials of adding, customizing, organizing and managing your product listings for your BigCommerce store. Additionally, we’ll provide you with several tips on how to generate ideas and source products if you’re just getting started or plan to expand your current catalog. After all, finding a product or service to sell with the right market demand is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a business. 

Products our clients are successfully selling on BigCommerce:

Supported Product Types

BigCommerce allows for you to create two types of products: physical and downloadable.

  • Physical: This type of product has dimensions, weight, and needs to be shipped. When a customer purchases a physical product, you’ll need to take care of shipping the product to them unless you’ve made other arrangements.
  • Downloadable: This type of product takes the form of a file, such as a music track or image. After your customer completes the purchase, your customer will receive an email with a link to download.

Looking to sell a service?

We suggest repurposing a downloadable product. By doing this you will be able to leverage the existing, automated process of emailing your customers all relevant details regarding their product.

Image of the website.

Client Example: Ankle Swagger

If you plan to offer downloadable items, you will simply need to specify that your product is downloadable and upload the file. Once a purchase is made, your automated invoice email (listed as “invoice_email.html” under Design > Email) will include a link to download the product.

Still determining what products or services will drive demand?

Oftentimes, budding entrepreneurs aren’t quite certain what will sell, or aren’t sure if their product idea has viable market demand. Additionally, seasoned business owners struggle to find ways to test and expand their product catalog. Here are some resources to help you generate ideas and conduct research to ensure your ecommerce success.

There’s ample opportunity within the ecommerce space in which to open up shop. However, uncovering a viable product or service idea to start successfully selling online or to expand your product catalog can often be one of the most challenging hurdles. Learn 9 ways to generate a viable product or service idea.

How you source your products will serve as the foundation for your business and will guide the process through which your online store functions on a day-to-day basis. Although no single option is necessarily better than the others, there are a variety of factors to consider before determining what’s best for your business overall.

To help get you started, we have some product sourcing apps that make it possible for you to quickly and easily source unique products. Additionally, we offer order management apps to help you streamline your business operations. You’ll be able to manage your inventory with advanced SKU and product bundling settings, automated order processing, and inventory management across all sales channels.

Although there is a cost to doing business, researching the restrictions and regulations that may affect you when opening an ecommerce store can save you from wasting time, energy and money. Educate yourself on the 10 primary business laws and nuances you should address for ecommerce success.

Is your product or service idea practical? What obstacles lie ahead? Will it need support services of some kind to ensure customer satisfaction, or will the product or service do that all on its own? How much will it cost to ship? These questions go on and change depending on what is it you plan to sell, but we’ve pulled the 9 essentials tips to evaluate product market viability to get you started off on the right foot.

Conducting market research for your small business idea is not only wise, it’s critical as it helps you understand whether or not there is a healthy demand around your business idea. Discover 8 ways to conduct market research before you commit.

Completing an analysis of your competition before you open up shop is essential to staying in business. In short, your competition serves as alternative options for your customers, so you’ll want to learn how to conduct a competitive analysis to identify their strengths and weaknesses so you can position yourself accordingly.

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