Exporting Basics

Exportable Data


By using your control panel menu, you can select the type of data you would like to export. For example, to export products, you’d go to ProductsExport.

Export Products screen

Export templates

When exporting any information, you’ll need to specify what information you would like to export. This data is determined by the export template.

You’ll notice a few built-in templates, including Bulk Edit. The Bulk Edit template contains nearly all details you would need to edit or export. You’re also welcome to create a custom export template if you have a specific need.

Export Template screen

File Format

You can choose between exporting your products to a CSV file or an XML file. Unless you’re working with a specific program that requires an XML file, you’ll want to select CSV as your file format.

Save a copy to the server for later download

If your internet connection isn’t stable or you’re exporting a large amount of data, we recommend taking some extra precautions to avoid your export being interrupted. To avoid this, save a copy of your export to the server and access it via WebDAV.

Getting Started

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