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Developing a Keyword Strategy

It all starts with what someone types into a search box.

Animated image of a user typing into a search field.

The words that make up a query are commonly referred to as “keywords,” a foundational element of SEO. Since the ultimate goal of your SEO strategy is to help people who are looking for your business or products, what more logical place to start than optimizing your site to best match shoppers' searches?

Keyword research can prove to be one of the most high return activities, not only in SEO, but in search marketing as a whole. Selecting the right keywords and strategically placing them in key areas of your pages isn't rocket science, but it does take a little time and dedication.

When you're ready, the Guide to Keyword Research will help you uncover your market's keyword demand and develop a keyword strategy that best attracts the right customers. Plus, you'll learn how to track results so you may learn more about your target customers and make improvements.

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  • Check out our comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research to help you understand your keyword demand, conduct keyword research, and develop and implement a keyword strategy that drives high-converting traffic to your online business.

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