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Developing Keyword-Rich Content

A major part of optimizing your store is featuring the right keywords in the right places. Not only will that help search engines understand the contents of your pages so they can make the right recommendations to users, but it'll make shoppers happy that they found just what they were looking for when they started searching.

While keyword placement can be complex at the highest levels, implementing the basics on your online store is pretty simple. Here are the main areas where you'll want to target keywords for search engines and shoppers alike:

  • Page titles and meta descriptions
  • Homepage
  • Category pages
  • Additional content pages
  • Product pages
  • Image descriptions

Although we've covered this in the How Keywords Work section, here is an example of a webpage with strong keyword optimization. Notice the variety of keywords and how they occur naturally throughout all elements of the page.

Image highlighting a product page with strong keyword optimization.

Read BigCommerce SEO Success Essentials to see how to complete critical search-related data for each page in your BIgcommerce store, along with opportunities to create keyword-rich content.

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