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Benefits of Ecommerce Insights

Ecommerce Insights

To increase revenue you have to make intelligent merchandising and marketing decisions, and the most successful online retailers rely on analytical data to make those decisions.

To help our merchants grow, BigCommerce provides you with robust Ecommerce Analytics and Ecommerce Insights. Our core analytics offering, Ecommerce Analytics, offers quick and easy snapshots into your store's performance, revealing product and customer trends that can help you drive sales.

Our premium offering, Ecommerce Insights, provides actionable data on the best ways to grow your business. See which products are your top sellers or lowest converters. Learn more about your best customers or track your Average Order Value (AOV) — all without having to sift through data, create reports or deal with spreadsheets.

What Reports Are Included in Ecommerce Insights?

  • Product Insights — Know your top sellers, low converters or most discounted products. Make better decisions about products to feature, promos to run and more.
  • Customer Insights — Learn more about your best customers and what they want. Use that knowledge to keep big spenders coming back.
  • Marketing Insights — Discover which channel brings in the most customers and the highest Lifetime Value (LTV). Gain a better understanding around which channels are providing the best returns.

What Can Insights Help Me Do?

  • Spend less time with your data, and more time putting its intelligence to use.
  • Track an item’s performance down to the variant, and even use calendar date ranges to see if time of year impacts your sales.
  • Uncover your biggest spenders and which marketing channels bring the highest valued customers.

By understanding your store’s performance, you will save time, resources and money. The following guide will outline how to get the most out of Ecommerce Insights. We will examine specific reports to gain a deeper understanding of your store's performance and provide advice on how to take action with that data.

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