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Advanced SEO on BigCommerce

BigCommerce includes dozens of advanced SEO features and customization options that can help you rank highly in search engines.


Optimized page architecture

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Your pages are built using proper HTML elements and hierarchy so that they're well organized and easy for search engines to crawl. But we also give you the freedom to customize your HTML or CSS as you or your SEO expert see fit.



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We've built microdata, or “rich snippets”, into your product pages to enhance your search result listings with information like ratings, pricing, brand and stock levels.

Industry research has shown that these enhancements increase both click-through and conversion rates. Just check to make sure that your current design theme is microdata compatible.

Optimized URLs

BigCommerce auto-populates SEO-friendly URLs for product, category and other pages. We also give you the option to change your URL settings.


301 redirects and URL rewrites

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Automatic redirects and rewrites help search engines understand when you've made changes or moved pages on your site. If you rename a product, the auto-populated URL will adjust to reflect the name change, and the old URL will be redirected to the new URL. This prevents shoppers and search crawlers from encountering a 404 error (broken link). You can also manually set 301 redirects, which is helpful if you move from another platform or remove content and need to redirect the old pages.


Rel=“canonical” elements

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We ensure that every unique page has only one URL so you don't get punished for duplicate content.


Accessible content

Our themes are designed to ensure that important information isn't buried inside of unsearchable Flash or media elements. If you'd like to customize your design, avoid making changes that could hide relevant content from search engines. We recommend working with an experienced designer to make significant customizations.



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Although there are many things you can do to increase your site speed, our special content delivery network is always working in the background to make sure your site loads quickly for both shoppers and search engines (after all, site speed impacts search rankings). It's also important to optimize your images to keep your site speedy.


Site-wide HTTPS

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Select BigCommerce plans feature site-wide HTTPS, which can improve your security, increase shopper trust, and lead to higher rankings (Google has started to use it as a ranking factor).


Go forth and optimize

We've given you a lot to digest here, and hopefully you've already started to put some of it into practice. While SEO can feel a little overwhelming, the great part is that you can implement best practices over time. And remember, we're here to help!

BigCommerce Community: If you have more questions about SEO or need specialized advice, we have a thriving community of seasoned clients, helpful staff and industry experts waiting to help.

BigCommerce Partners: Our network of marketing partners has dozens of firms that specialize in SEO for BigCommerce stores. They can provide you with SEO audits, optimization and training, plus can offer other marketing services to grow your business.

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